Adoptable Dachshund Loki – Adopted

Adoptable Dachshund Loki is a terrific dog who loves spending time with his human. He is searching for someone who is home most of the time.


Loki – The God of Mischief – 4 year old Purebred dachsund –but his foster mom is pretty sure he has some beagle in him (because of his personality). Loki came to his Foster family a week after having IVDD Surgery. The Doctor said he healed very quickly and is doing great. Loki’s lifelong care will require a commitment to discourage
jumping on and off furniture and beds.


Adoptable Dachshund Loki is an equal opportunity pup who likes both people and other dogs. His previous family he was an only dog. Foster family has 4. He would be ok with either. However, he doesn’t do well with no companion. He needs a family to take him most places or a fur sibling to spend his time with. It is unknown as to how he would do with cats, but likely, if they ignored him, it would be fine. He does bark at the neighbors cats.

Adoptable Dachshund Loki

Younger children would not be a good fit for Loki but pre-teens and teens who know how to handle a dachshund would be fine.

He is good on a leash but should ALWAYS be walked on a harness. Loki underwent IVDD surgery in January. Start with short walks and gradually increase over time. When he’s tired he stops and may need to be carried intermittently until he gains more strength.

Adoptable Dachshund Loki

Loki is house trained and knows how to use a doggie door. He hates crates and isn’t fond of gates either. He uses a doggie bed and enjoys sleeping with his fosters and fur siblings.

Loki loves to play with his toys! He’s still a youngster, after all. He shows no signs of toy or food aggression. He likes car rides and is also friendly on outings when meeting new people. He’s not shy or timid and welcomes new dogs too.

Adoptable Dachshund Loki

With some signs of anxiety, Loki will bark when his human leaves him behind. He does calm afterward, but this is a trait that should be worked on. Having siblings helps him remain calm when left behind.

Loki has been fully vetted. He has undergone Vet Check, 1 or more Vaccines, Dental Exam, Spay or Neuter, Major Surgery – IVDD, Nails Trimmed, Flea Treatments, Heart Worm testing and medication.

Adoptable Dachshund Loki

Adoptable Dachshund Loki – 4 yrs – 12 lbs

This boy is a Major Snuggle bug. He prefers to be with his person at all times. He loves to watch TV and gets very excited when an animal is on the screen! He will sleep peacefully in the bed beside you. He does not like sleeping away from his human!

He is a great dog that needs more attention than he gets in a home with 4 other dogs. A family with one dog, or someone home a lot, would be a good home for this sweet dog. Adoptable Dachshund Loki loves to Burrow in a blanket! He finds burrowing very calming. If he ever goes missing just look for a lump in the blanket! He also loves toys and playing with toys, but he must be watched because he will Destroy if not supervised.

He requires a human who will take good care of his spine, teach him not to jump off furniture, and keep his weight under control to support spine health.

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

*Be advised, we have a couple of volunteers processing hundreds of applications. We are unable to call everyone back as we do not have ANY employees. Our dedicated volunteers and foster parents will check references of the applications that appear to be a good match. At that time, if you are chosen, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

The adoption fee helps to cover costs, as each dog is fully vetted, and treated, as needed to prepare them to move forward in their new life. You pay no fee unless you are chosen to adopt.

  • Under 4 months $450
  • Under 1 $400
  • 1-3 years $350
  • 4-7 years $300
  • 8-10 years $250 
  • Over 10 $200 
  • Special needs $150