Adoptable Mix Charlie – Adopted

Adoptable Mix Charlie is the sweetest little pup who seems to love everyone! He is very playful and young at heart for a 10 yo. Charlie enjoys other dogs. He Loves wrestling with his foster friend Oliver, and trying to outrun him on our long walks around the neighborhood!

Adoptable Mix Charlie

Friendly, Charlie went right to the other 2 dogs in his foster home upon arrival at Low Rider with no hesitation or aggression. He was fine with new dogs at the vet and the groomer.

Charlie loves car rides, snuggles and will sit obediently waiting for treats. He is happy laying next to you while you work or following you around wherever you may go. While he does love his “person”, he does not show signs of anxiety when you need to go out.

Adoptable Mix Charlie

There is no excessive barking noted with Charlie, only appropriate responses. Even though he is friendly with everyone, he can be a little shy to warm up at first, but not overly.

While we would never classifly him as aggressive, he does give a warning growl when another dog approaches his food bowl at dinner time. Of course, this is just his way of saying, “My dinner”, and we can’t blame a dog for that!

Adoptable Mix Charlie

He is housed trained as long as you are good about taking him outside regularly and will use a pee pad if one is available. A crate has not been needed with him. Charlie has enjoyed sleeping with his foster parents and also uses a dog bed.


Charlie is accustomed to cats! He’s good with older children, very young children would need to be supervised because he is newly a senior. He loves walks and is good on a leash.

In our care he has received: Vet Check, 1 or more Vaccines, Dental Exam, Nails Trimmed, Flea Treatments, Heart Worm testing and medication. The vet did note a heart murmur that isn’t causing any trouble.

Adoptable Mix Charlie

Mix Charlie – 10 yrs, 12 lbs

This happy-go-lucky fella is young at heart and does well with people and other dogs. He would make the perfect companion for someone(s) willing to engage in his active personality and would be happy to have another pup to hang out with or just be the center of your attention! Adoption fee $150

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

*Be advised, we have a couple of volunteers processing hundreds of applications. We are unable to call everyone back as we do not have ANY employees. Our dedicated volunteers and foster parents will check references of the applications that appear to be a good match. At that time, if you are chosen, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

The adoption fee helps to cover costs, as each dog is fully vetted, and treated, as needed to prepare them to move forward in their new life. You pay no fee unless you are chosen to adopt.

Under 1 $350
1-3 years $300
4-7 years $250
8-10 years $200
Over 10 $150
Special Needs $150