Becoming a Foster Parent

Help Us Help Them!

We Need You, But More Importantly,

THEY Need You!

You only need to provide 3 main things to foster and give a dachshund in a shelter a second chance at life:

1. Safe Temporary Shelter     2. Food and Water     3. Love

If you can provide these simple things you can save a life!


We cover the cost of all pre-approved necessary vetting & medications

We are contacted by shelters every day requesting we take into our rescue the dachshunds they consider “un-adoptable.” These dogs will NOT be adopted from the shelter because they are sick, injured, old or maybe even just frightened. Sometimes they are perfectly healthy and have been at the shelter long enough and are “running out of time” because the shelter needs to make room for incoming dogs.

Rescue groups like LRDR are their only chance to live out the rest of their lives. Foster Homes provide the lifeline so rescue groups can take dogs from shelters and out of danger of being euthanized. We need to have a place for them to go, just temporarily, while they become well and an adoptive home is found. Of course all rescues like LRDR also need donations and volunteers as well, but without a place for the dog to go to get out of the shelter, we cannot take that first vital step to give them a chance at life. That’s why we need YOU to become a Foster Home. Are you ready to make a difference between life and death for a dog in a shelter?

How To Become a Foster Home for Low Rider?

  1. Complete a Foster Application  / PDF version
  2. A representative will contact you to setup a home visit at your convenience as part of your application processing. This is a very simple visit and does not take long.
  3. Once processing is completed, you will receive an email to let you know whether or not you have been approved as a foster home for LRDR.

What are the Requirements to be a Foster Home?

  1. You must live in the state of Florida.
  2. You will need to provide 2 personal references on your application as well as veterinary information if you currently have a pet in the home.
  3. Once approved you will be required to sign a Foster Home Agreement. You will then be eligible to foster a dog for LRDR and save a life!

Additional Things We Consider

A safe place (in Florida) with a loving and caring adult is the main requirement, but there are other things that experience tells us is important to consider:

  1. Experience caring for dachshunds OR the willingness to learn
  2. Time to spend at home caring for the dog

Please consider taking this step to help us help them. Contact Melissa Kilmer at with any questions or concerns and please include your phone number so she can speak with you personally.