Surrender form – Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida can help when you need to find a home for a dachshund. We work with shelters and individuals. We understand the heartache this sometimes entails! Fill out the surrender form below to get started rehoming a dachshund.

IMPORTANT – when completed successfully, you will land on the WE RECEIVED YOUR SUBMISSION – confirmation page where you can submit a photo.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Filling out a form does NOT warrant a commitment to give up your dog, nor does it require Low Rider to take them. We will help if it is at all in our power to do so.

Surrender Form

Surrender Form - submit online
  • (Month, Day, Year)
  • (Owner or Other: ie. Shelter Name)
  • Best contact number
  • (approximate is ok if unsure - please indicate if unknown)
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  • (approximate is ok if unsure)
  • (short hair, long hair, wire hair)
  • If unknown - List unknown
  • (Enter Microchip Number if Available)
  • By typing my name, I signify my agreement that I have willingly surrendered my dog to LRDRFL.
  • (month, day, year)


You MUST submit a photo for us to process your surrender form! GO HERE to submit the photo.

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