Hi there! Thank you for filling out an application with Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida. We’ve outlined below what you can expect when adopting a Low Rider dog.

We KNOW waiting is hard!

What to expect

We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with adopting a pet.

Once you’ve taken the step of filling out an adoption application, you may be left wondering, ‘So, What’s Next?’

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Well, if you added a specific dog name to your application, your application will be forwarded to the foster family.

If your adoption application included a name of a specific dog – it will be sent straight to the foster parents of that pet They play a vital role in helping to find the right fit for each Low Rider pup.

You see, our network of foster families are the folks who have been caring for and getting to know the dog. They will ultimately make the decision with the goal of finding the best possible fit for each dog. It’s not an easy job, and takes some time – Especially when we have a young or particularly cute dog (we think they’re all cute) and are flooded with applications.

Often in these cases, there are multiple wonderful homes, but we have to choose just one. In that case, you will receive notice via email, and we will continue working with you to find a dog.

If you don’t get the dog you applied for, you will receive email updates on dogs prior to their official release to the public.

In most cases, if you filled out an application without the name of a particular dog on it, we will update you via email with information on available dogs – before they go public.

If your application had no specific dog named – you will be added to our special email list and receive updates on dogs ready for adoption before the general public.

Watch your email (check the spam folder just in case) and you can also keep a regular eye on our Facebook page. When you spot a dog that is ready for adoption and looks like a good fit, let us know you want your application (already on file) sent to the foster home. Email: [email protected] when you see a dog who appears to be a good fit. Please be patient, it usually takes several tries.

Always For the Dogs

We care about each Low Rider applicant, but the ultimate goal is to find the best fit for each animal. Our volunteers (we’re ALL volunteers) work tirelessly to make sure this happens.

Our main priority is to find the best possible home for each and every dog. We arrange a home visit by a volunteer and have a 2 -week trial built into the adoption contract to help facilitate this outcome.

Once you have been matched with a particular dog, we will arrange a home visit as the final step. Also, if needed, a volunteer can drive and arrange to meet you for pick up. We have foster homes and volunteers around the state of Florida.

Two Week Trial

There is a 2 week period after adoption for you to be certain you will be happy together.

Because of our process, we do have an incredible success rate!

A 2-week trial period ensures that all parties are happy with the arrangement!

Thank you sincerely for your patience.

P.S. Please keep an eye on your email and spam folder. We will call with any questions or to arrange the home visit when chosen.

We also appreciate those wishing to foster a dachshund. Additionally, we recommend that you check our Facebook page regularly for updates and information on these wonderful adoptable dogs!

Still have questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information. Please do not email or message unless absolutely necessary as our volunteers are already very busy working through the process on many applications, picking up dogs, fostering dogs, caring for them, doing computer work, arranging home visits, checking vet records, fundraising and so much more!