Happy Tails – Tales we love from rescues provided by the Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida – Saving little dogs with loving hearts and big attitudes!

Happy Tails – Pics and Tales



A message from her new mommy: “Thank you Low Rider  for giving me the privilege of adopting Missy! She is an absolutely adorable “little old lady” & I love her so much!”

Happy Tails Missy! We’re so glad you are loved.



Ronnie is getting cozy with his new sister
and settling into forever family. These two
took a minute to get to know each other, but
with patience and a little time, are becoming
real friends. Happy Tails, Ronnie

Mira Happy Tails


Mira’s new parents took her to their vet for a great report and she’ll be getting her teeth cleaned as recommended. It’s no surprise to her Low Rider Foster mom what great care she gets in her new home with Genie and Paul. We know she’s loved and cared for the right way. Congratulations Mira- Happy Tails girl!  

Happy Tails Buster


Good ole’ Buster is retiring in luxury with his new family. He’ll have all a good dog could ever want or need – and plenty of love to go around. We’re so happy for you and your family Buster! Happy Tails!

Carla Happy Tails


Sweet Carla is living her best life now! We love seeing her out on the water as she loves to spend time in the great outdoors. Carla loves to play and she’s playing every day in her forever home. We are thrilled her little happy tail is just wagging away!

Ben ht


Ben has the happiest tail in town! Not only does he have a new home to call his own, but he has a new furever family, including a fur-sibling! These doxies should keep their people and each other happy for a long time to come. Happy Tails everyone!

Oscar and Oliver


Double Happy Tails as Oscar and Oliver have settled into their new home. These cuties are together, safe, and happy for the rest of their forever. Low Rider is proud to be part of keeping bonded fur-babies together! Happy Tails Oscar and Oliver!

Happy Tails Jax


Jax was lost but now he is found! He’s in his happy place with his new mom. Together they will make sure he enjoys his forever home. No more wandering for this little guy! Welcome to your forever happy tails place Jax.



Precious Maddie didn’t have the easiest journey on her way to her furever home, but that is all behind her now! After surgeries, adjusting to blindness and general upheaval, she’s now become a princess. Her new mommy is busy spoiling her rotten. Happy Tails!

Harley David's Son


Harley’s new parents let him sit on the couch with them. He gets chew bones and they spoil him. His parents are Sherri and David, so he’s now “Harley David’s Son” and he couldn’t be happier. Congrats Harley!

happy tails squirt


Squirt, the honorary dachshund, is now living the dream with his new mommy. He needed this special relationship that she can provide. Happy Tails and Congratulations Squirt!



Our hearts were all touched by this wonderful little dog! Although Carrick had known dark days, he’s living a very different life now. His mommy loves him so much, she carries him around in a sling. After years of neglect, he is so deserving of the extra love and attention. Congratulations sweet Carrick. We’re so happy for you!



As much as we hate to lose a good foster family, we couldn’t be happier for this pair of cuties! “Foster Fail” Bebe won the hearts of her family and now they are FOREVER! Happy Tails Bebe.



Happy Tails to Mickey, who needed a mom and dad and a forever home where they can live happily ever after.

We’re thrilled for you Mickey!



Brodie’s new mom thought her heart might never heal after the loss of her Amelie. “Along came this spunky, loving little boy” Once again their home is full of happy dog sounds and love. Congratulations Brodie!


It’s truly a blessing to see Lily with her new family and sibling! She had a bit of a “ruff” start, but this happy tail goes to show you that there is a perfect home for every good dog!

Happy Tails Willy


Willy is excited to be rolling on with his new mom and dad. He’s a pretty boy and we’re thrilled for him to have the good life all dogs deserve.

Congratulations to each of you as you settle in together!


13 year old Sportster is a prime example of how it’s never too late to find a furever home. After his long-time owner became too sick to care for him, Sportster could have met a very different end. Here, you see him happily pictured with his new mom and dad. Congratulations!


Onyx and his daddy are happy to report that they are doing great. Dad says, “He LOVES it here!” Onyx is feeling better, overcoming a bit of cough and sneezing. He’s been well-behaved and happy. We’re excited for both dad and dog! Congratulations guys!


Little Roscoe has been beloved by everyone who met him! But, thankfully, his new mommies were completely won over by his charming personality. Not only that, but they are fully equipped to help him with his special needs. Congratulations!


Oh happy day for our little Bella Girl! She and her new mommy look like they were made for each other. We couldn’t be happier for you both!

happy tails little one


Little One gets to fall asleep (stress free and happy) in the lap of her new furever mommy. How sweet are they together? Congratulations Little One!


Precious Carly started 2020 off right with her adoptive family. They were all settled in, bonding right away. No doubt, things are looking up for this sweet girl. Welcome home Carly!


Albee got a golden ticket with his new family. They all have huge smiles on their faces knowing the love and joy that is to come. We can’t think of a better way to begin 2020 than with a new little bundle of love like Albee. Congratulations!


There’s a lot to be thankful for in little Matilda’s world! Her new mommy and daddy have made her feel right at home. She is settled in just in time for the holidays!


Coulter is happy to be home! His mom says he’s a good boy. “He knows how to sit and will dance on his back feet for food. He loves to cuddle at night too.” Happy Cuddling Coulter!


Jewels foster mom knew right away she would be a great addition to her new mommies home and brother. Her new mommy had been waiting for months to find the right new family member. After an hour and a half drive to meet her possible new addition it was love at first sight. Happy Tails Jewels your mommy and new brother will love you for life!!


Great news!!!   We have had our first adoption.  Skippy has gone to his new fur-ever home where he will be spoilt rotten.  We love to see them go to their new homes where they will be loved and well taken care of. 

Happy Tails Quincy!


Quincy has found his forever home!

He is so happy there and feeling the love.

He sent us this pic of him and his new Mom.

Happy Homesteading Quincy!

Happy Tails Hunter


Yet another happy tale! It’s wonderful that all the babies are finding their forever homes. Meet Hunter and his foster Mom, he won her love.

Now he’s officially a “foster failure” and will be spending the rest of his days with this wonderful lady. Hunter will be well loved!

Happy Tails Jay!


Jay is another Happy Tails pup!

Jay found his fur-ever home. He loves it with his new Mom and Dad and word has it that he got a brand new dog bed.

He is very excited!!!

Happy Tails Heidi


Heidi has gone to her forever home.  She was a real lover who so badly wanted to bond with someone and we think her new mom and dad will be a perfect fit. Heidi came to rescue with a huge mammary tumor that made it hard for her to get around. Well, she’s all better now and moving on to her final destination in her forever home!!!

Congratulations Heidi!!!!

Devon Happy Tails


Devon went to his forever home and his Mom Alison was so excited to meet him.  And we know this little guy is going to be spoiled rotten.  Some of you may know him as the “pot” guy because he loved digging in pots and his pictures everyone loved.  Well guess what his new owner sent us this picture of him and guess where he is “yes” he’s in one of her pots!!!  Have a great life Devon xx

Happy Tails Schultz


We are just full of “Happy Tails” recently, here is another one.  Schultz went to his forever home.

Here he is just relaxing on the sofa with his new Mom and Dad. If you look closely, you can see – he has a smile on his face. That’s what we like to see Schultz!

Cody Happy Tails


Big boy – Cody has new parents! Cody looks as happy as he can be, and we’re so happy for him. Congrats Cody!

Enjoy your new life in your fur-ever home. If your proud new parents are any indication, we know you’ll do well!


Foster Bella went to her new home about 10 days ago. Here is a pic of them picking her up. The second pic is her a couple of days after.

I would say she is definitely happy in her new home wouldn’t you?

Oscar Happy Tails!


This lucky guy barely got his feet on the ground in his foster home when he was swooped up by one of our favorite rescue-supporting families who are suckers for those red boys with frosty faces. From the county shelter to the vet and on to his Furever Home in one week’s time–he took the fast track to a very happy rest of his life! He will be lonely no more…he has a mom, dad, sister and 2 tail-wagging brothers! Congrats, Oscar!!

Happy Tails - Sasha


Congratulations Sasha! Sasha is here with her new daddy who is a pilot for “Pilots for Paws”. Guess who is frequently his co-pilot?  Sasha is Loving life!!!



Both Zowie and her new mom are all settled for the holidays. We couldn’t be happier for her and her new Mommy. Keep smiling and Happy Tails,



Sweet, sweet puppy Benny has found his family. Benny is now known as Benz. He is living an active lifestyle with his humans Sandi & Sandy. Benz is joining a full house. He has 3 older siblings, Zeus a dachshund and 2 cats. The family is enjoying the antics of this high energy puppy. 



Belle is now in her happily ever after place with her new momma! They are both adjusting well, and are glad to be together in their home sweet home. Belle is yet another sweet senior dog who was displaced at no fault of her own. Low Rider is thrilled to have helped her find the family she needed. Happy Tails Belle!

Happy Tails Milo


Milos new family has reported that he is extremely happy with his new squeaky toys and loves bringing his special blanket to bed. They say he’s already adjusting to life at their house and is comfortable finding his way around. We have a sneaking suspicion this fella is being spoiled rotten . . . and we love it!

Happy Tails Scooter


Scooter has a happy tail today and every day from now on! He’s found his happy place, and they call it his “forever home” – The Low Rider team is thrilled for the whole family as they spend this time getting comfortable and getting to know each other. Happy Tails folks!



Jazzy and her new mommy are all “Jazzed” up and totally thrilled with one another! We’re always jazzed and happy when we make another wonderful Low Rider match like this. Can’t you just see them both smiling? Enjoy your life together ladies! The team at Low Rider is truly happy for you. Congratulations to you both.

Happy Tails Tasia


Pretty girl, Tasia’s mommy says, “We are totally besotted with Tasia.  She is ours, we are hers…and she knows it!  In 5 days of being an only child she is full of wags and to our delight, she is a smiler.” Congratulations to all of you. Enjoy your new fur baby!

Happy Tails Sunny
Happy Tails Sunny


Little Sunny is one happy pup. She’s now got a forever mom and dad – as well as a pack of siblings to play with. In case you hadn’t met her, Sunny is the pretty chocolate and tan girl all cuddled up on the far right. Now she can play until her heart’s content – and we know it really is. Congrats Sunny!

Happy Tails Rascal


Congratulations Rascal! Now you get to go for walks, chase lizards in the backyard, chew your bone and play fetch with your adoptive family. Such a distinguished yet active, gentleman as yourself deserves the very best. Enjoy your retirement and keep up all that healthy activity fella! Happy Tails Rascal.

Ginger HT


Princess Ginger is a 3-year-old Deer Head Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix who was in search of her dream family to explore the world with. We’re so excited for them all! It’s great matches like this that we can’t get enough of!

Happy Tails Ginger – enjoy your cuddles with the new family.

Denver Happy Tails


Little Denver is one happy guy! He’s found his forever home. We know he will be happy there and we’re proud to be a part of helping him find his new road to happiness. Happy Tails Denver!



Waffles is proud and happy to announce his arrival! His new family couldn’t be happier to enjoy his company and kisses.

Happy Tails Waffles!


Sonny was adopted in early June. No pandemic could stop him from finding his perfect fur-ever home. He’s a good boy who is loving his new lease on life with his new family.

Congrats Sonny! Happy Tails.



Another springtime love affair! Little bitty Tia has found her perfect match with this family. Her foster mommy will surely be missing this sweet girl, but adoptions like this are why we do what we do.

Happy Tails Tia! Enjoy your forever home sweet girl.

Happy Tails Opie


Beautiful Opie is a charming little fella and we are so happy he’s found his forever home. Both mom and Opie are delighted to have found each other, and we’re delighted as well.

Happy Tails Opie!


Happy little Bella is now safely at home with her new mommy. Both mom and Bella are perfectly content with the situation. We here at Low Rider wish them many joyful years together!

Congratulations Bella!


Ginny’s new mom said, “Thank you for giving me the gift of a beautiful new family member to love. I promise to treat her like a princess!” We love it when a plan comes together and families grow through Low Rider Dachshund Rescue. It’s exactly why our teams of volunteers do what they do every single day. Congratulations ladies!


Sweet snoop won our hearts and now he’s won the hearts of his brand new mom and dad. They all make a cute picture and already have settled in at home as a happy family. Now our little Snoop can chase all the squirrels, lizards, or anything that moves, until his little Snoop heart, is perfectly content. We know they’ll be taking great care of him.


Beautiful piebald dachshund Dholly, came to Low Rider with some issues. She ended up needing surgery and had some other difficulties. It took a very special foster family, and a lot of love and patience, to help this sweet girl finally find her loving forever home. We couldn’t be happier for all of them. Welcome home pretty girl!


Brady got the home of his dreams with two siblings to play with! He’s so full of love for his new mommy and excited to get busy playing. I think we can all agree that our furry friend Brady is right where he needs to be. Congratulations Brady!


Gus is what we happily call a “foster fail” – you see, this is what happens when the right match is made as you foster a wonderful dog like good ole’ Gus. We’re excited and happy to see you both happily settled in together.


Chewy is home sweet home with his new parents and his brand new sister, Sasha. He is thrilled to have a playmate and a sibling all rolled into one. Parents and dogs are all happy as they can be! Congratulations Chewy and Sasha too!

Happy Tails Anna


Another happy tails for the Christmas season. Anna is already well loved and spoiled.

It does our hearts good to see them all out and about together! Look at the happy glo on these parents faces, there’s nothing better. Congratulations Anna on your new fur-ever home!


Sweet Dolly and her brand new mommy are two peas in a pod. They’re already showing lots of love and it’s obvious to us that dear Dolly is right at home. Congratulations ladies! We’re happy, knowing that you two are happy.


Beautiful Harry had a hard time, but life is pretty sweet now that he found his fur-ever home. It comes complete with grandkids who visit to play and everything. Harry is comfortably settled in now. We simply couldn’t be happier for you and your new family Harry!


We love a home for the holidays post!! Pickles got the best present ever for the holidays, a brand new mommy!! What a great way to spend Christmas 2019.

We know you’ll be happy and wish you the very best new year together . . . and many more. Happy Tails!

Lilbit Happy Tails


Welcome home Lil’bit! And another ‘Lil Guy’ in his new home. Please wish Lil’ Bit happiness in his new home with these wonderful ladies.

He is already very settled getting lots of love and cuddles.


Our little Shadow kept going and going – until he found the perfect forever home.

Shadow our “duracell” 10 year old has joined his new family and brother JR. – Have fun Shadow and way to never give up! We’re so happy for you!


Spring is in the air and Max couldn’t be happier!

He’s got the happy tails attitude now! Max had a great Easter joining his new family. Max enjoys having the girls to play with.

He just loves all the attention he is getting!!! 

Congrats Max!!!

Happy Tails Moose


Foster Dachshund Moose is officially Forever Dachshund Moose.  His new dad knows that he got a great dog.  When we checked in to see how things were going he told us, “Where do I start? What an amazing dog. We had 3 walks. We went swimming. He loves the golf cart. He ate all his dinner tonight. But I have yet to hear him bark one time.”  The next day he added, “On the hunt for lizards this morning. Had a perfect night and great walk this morning. Going to be a perfect fit. Again thank you.” We’re so happy for Moose and his new life.


Reba’s Long Road…….to Happiness and Love, Forever!!!

August, 2017: Reba is rescued and receives surgery needed to walk again.
Sept – Oct, 2017: Surgery is successful and her recovery is complete!
Nov, 2017 – February 2018: She endures countless bothersome foster brothers (and a few sisters) while she prays for her forever home to find her.

March, 2018: HOME SWEET HOME!!

We’re glad your long and winding road led you straight to your forever home!

Heidi Happy Tails


Happy Holidays to Heidi!

She went to her forever home today . . . just in time for Santa to visit her and bring her lots of new things. 

As you can see, both Heidi and her new mom are both now full of holiday cheer.

Have a great Christmas Heidi and send us pics of your sack from Santa.



How cute is this?! Look who made it home for Christmas!

Blitzen is our latest “Happy Tail” to share with everyone.

Looks like things are looking up for his 2018 and many years to come!

(Our Blitzen is the beautiful, happy boy on the left)

Happy Tails Pippa


Congratulations to Pippa on your new family! Pippa needed a family where she could play and be a happy dog. She hit the jackpot with her new peeps. Her little happy tail is wagging now.

We love to see these dachshunds so happy and pleased with the people who adore them. The team at Low Rider couldn’t be happier for you Pippa!

Happy Tails Mason!


More good news! I sure hope you don’t get tired of it because I know WE sure don’t. Another lovable foster boy has found just the right family to make all their lives complete!

It’s our boy Mason and he was welcomed by a special sign made just for him by his five-year-old sister that says “Welcom Mason to are hose.” Isn’t that just too cute?

Happy Tails Hazel!


Hazel is the happiest little dachshund in town! She has a brand new family to love and care for her. She was so excited to start life in her new forever home.

We know she’ll have a beautiful life now, and we’re all so very happy for her. Happy Tails sweetie!

It’s all cuddles and love from here on out!

Coco Happy Tails


Coco came to us after being with the same owner for 12 years. Understandably, she was very nervous about going to her new home. But, here she is pictured with her new family!

And, she tells us she is being spoiled rotten!

Happy Tails

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