About Us

About Us – Mission Statement

Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida, Inc. is an all volunteer group with an unyielding drive to save and improve the lives of dachshunds and dachshund mixes that cross our path. With a network of foster homes and a dedicated team of volunteers, we rescue, provide medical care, and deliver dogs to forever homes all across the state. It is our goal to never turn away a dog that is within our capacity to help. A mutual respect for each other and a passion for saving little dogs with loving hearts and big attitudes motivates us each and every day.

We are a 501c3 non-profit rescue organization (EIN # 82–1295650) specializing in dachshund and dachshund mixes. We don’t house them in a shelter, but instead provide qualified foster homes and adopt them out to their furever homes, all over the State of Florida. We have no paid employees, only volunteers so our overhead expenses remain low, allowing us to rescue and provide medical help to more dogs in need.

About Us – Meet the Team

We’re just a group of ladies who care deeply about these little dogs and work hard to provide as many as possible with good homes!

Melissa Kilmer


Melissa Kilmer, President, has been involved in rescue since she adopted her first dachshund in 2000. To date she has adopted 7 dachshunds and in most recent years has developed a passion for fostering through her personal experience of fostering more than 50 dachshunds since 2010.

Working together with fellow passionate rescuers, she is proud to be a part of spearheading this new lifeline for her favorite breed, Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of FL, Inc. 

Melissa can be reached by email at president@lowriderrescue.org

Linda Spina

Board Member

Linda is originally from upstate NY. She is married and has two daughters. 

She holds a masters degree in education and currently works as a private tutor and a freelance writer for an SEO company in St. Petersburg.

Linda got involved in dachshund rescue back in 1999 while living in Ft. Lauderdale. She and her husband have had dachshunds of their own since he surprised her with one for Christmas in 1991. She’s fostered and placed many dachshunds in loving homes over the years. 

About Us - Patti

Patti Papiano

Vice President

Patti Papiano, Vice President, has been with Low Rider for several years. She is no stranger to volunteer work and previously worked with women in need. Handling intake and working with fosters keeps Patti busy these days as she helps with a variety of aspects in the organization.

Her desire to provide animals with the second chance they deserve is evident as she works tirelessly every day by fostering, and serving on the board as Vice President. Patti handles everything from intake of surrendered dog applications to volunteers, assisting at events, and much more. Patti loves the dogs and cares about the people whose lives they change.

Melanie - About Us

Melanie Roberts


Melanie has been a foster parent and a volunteer with Low Rider for several years. She has transported dogs, assisted with events, and been a proud supporter of the rescue she believes in.

about us - Kelli Becton

Kelli Becton

Dir. Marketing & Development

Kelli Becton, Board Member and Director of Marketing and Development, has been involved with Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of FL since 2019. She got involved with her family for her boys to earn volunteer credits because of their love of the dogs. Initially, they had two adorable and fun loving doxies in the family, Jackson and Sissy. Almost immediately, they adopted Bones, a Low Rider senior who was having trouble adjusting to others. Like others of our canine alumni, he’s now living the good life.

Kelli is passionate about marketing and development and uses her talents to further the mission of Low Rider.

Get Involved …

We love working with others who are passionate about dachshund rescue! If these special dogs are dear to your heart, there are many ways for you to help.

Volunteer, Foster, Adopt, Donate!