Adoptable Mix Hotdog – Adopted

Meet Adoptable Mix Hotdog, a charming mix breed looking for his forever home! Hotdog may not be the most conventional name, but trust us, he’s as unique and lovable as they come. Let’s dive into what makes Hotdog such a special companion.

Adoptable Mix Hotdog

Hotdog has a personality as distinctive as his name. While he may not always see eye to eye with other dogs, his foster parent notes that he has made a friend or two at the dog park, showcasing his potential for companionship. However, he does tend to bark at other dogs, so introductions should be handled with care.

Adoptable Mix Hotdog

Hotdog’s interactions with cats remain a mystery, as his foster parent hasn’t had the opportunity to witness them firsthand. However, he seems to have a positive disposition towards children, both young and older. He’s been observed being nice to kids at the dog park, indicating a friendly demeanor towards those who show him kindness.

While Hotdog may not be the most obedient on walks, pulling and barking at passersby, he is fully house trained and accustomed to his crate. He enjoys the comfort of his dog bed but has a penchant for seeking out human companionship, preferring to cuddle up close at night. He can use more practice on walks. Typical dachshund who needs a bit more attention (and bribes) to correct.

Despite his occasional leash antics, Hotdog isn’t aggressive when it comes to food or toys. He enjoys being petted while eating and shows no signs of possessiveness. However, car rides seem to make him antsy, as he prefers to stay close to his human’s side.

Adoptable Mix Hotdog

Hotdog exhibits signs of anxiety, particularly during the initial days of separation from his foster parent. However, with time and reassurance, he settles into his surroundings and becomes more at ease. Loud noises may bother him, but he adapts quickly to new environments once he feels comfortable.

Adoptable Mix Hotdog

Adoptable Mix Hotdog – 5yrs, 27lbs

In summary, Hotdog is a delightful companion for the right family. With his endearing personality and affectionate nature, he’s sure to bring joy and laughter to his new home. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this lovable canine, please consider filling out an adoption application today! Adoption Fee – $250

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

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