Adoptable Mix Hank – Adopted

Introducing Adoptable Mix Hank: Your Potential New Best Friend!

Adoptable Mix Hank

Meet Hank, a charming mix breed looking for a loving forever home! Hank may not have the most outgoing personality, but beneath his shy exterior lies a heart full of love and potential. Let’s dive into what makes Hank such a special companion.

Hank, a one-year-old mix weighing in at 14lbs, has a gentle disposition and a fondness for other dogs. He enjoys playing and interacting with his furry friends, showcasing his potential for companionship. While he hasn’t had the chance to meet big dogs yet, his foster parent notes his enthusiasm for canine companionship.

Regarding his interactions with cats and children, Hank’s foster parent hasn’t had the opportunity to observe firsthand. 

Adoptable Mix Hank

Hank excels on walks, showing good leash manners, although he may feel hesitant to venture out alone without his pack. He’s fully house trained, with occasional accidents on large rugs, but a gate can easily prevent access to those areas. While he hasn’t been crate trained, he’s comfortable using his dog bed for relaxation.

Unlike some dogs, Hank isn’t possessive of food or toys and doesn’t display aggression in that regard. However, car rides make him uneasy, and he prefers to stay close to his human’s side, avoiding unfamiliar situations.

When it comes to meeting new people and dogs, Hank’s shyness shines through. He may bark and nip out of fear, as he’s experienced abuse in the past. His foster parent notes that he freezes and trembles when approached to be picked up.

Hank is a youthful dog who has undergone vet checks, received vaccines, and flea treatments while in foster care.

Adoptable Mix Hank

Adoptable Mix Hank – 1 year, 14 lbs

Although Hank may bark excessively at cars, people, and other dogs, and he exhibits signs of anxiety and shyness, he’s still a delightful companion for the right family. Despite his past traumas, Hank’s potential for love and companionship shines through. With patience, understanding, and plenty of TLC, Hank is sure to blossom into a loyal and devoted member of your family. While his journey to recovery may take time, his foster parent believes he’s worth every moment. Hank would do best as an only dog with a fenced back yard. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a dog in need, consider welcoming Hank into your life today! Adoption Fee – $300.

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8-10 years $200
Over 10 $150
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