Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn – Pending

Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn is a terrific dog. She loves laps but will go to her bed if told. She minds well. Loves to be with you. She knows down, no, and cookie. She seems to know what you want. She holds still for her bath and lets you groom her.


Although Brooklyn had previously been known to have problems with another female sibling, she has tolerated the dogs in her foster home. She’s a decent candidate as an “only superstar” in a home, or one where there is a male dog she likes. There were three children in the home where she was previously located and she reportedly did well with them.

Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been working on house-training and is doing very well. Her fosters are using pee pads in the training process with much success. She’s learning to go in the grass and is also walking more on the leash. She does well with it, but still pulls a little. Brooklyn will bark at people passing by, but it’s more conversational than aggressive as she quiets right down when told to stop and is then offered a treat. She’s a smart girl, learning a lot!

Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn

Brooklyn is crate trained. Her fosters said they put her in the crate once at night and she barked a little and then settled right down for the night. She prefers the laundry room though with her dog bed, and will retreat to it upon occasion on her own when the door is left open for access. That is her current sleeping arrangement.

This sweet girl enjoys her toys and food, but is not obsessive about either. She enjoys car rides and will ride in a crate, but prefers your lap.

Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn

When meeting new people, be sure to have dog treats. Although, she is not aggressive, she does bark when meeting them. Having the treats on hand is helping to train her to stop the barking when greeting people, and she responds very well. As a matter of fact, it’s helpful to have the new person offer her the cookie.


Sweet Brooklyn is not an anxious dachshund. She has absolutely no separation anxiety and will stays in the laundry room while you are gone and just sleeps. She never barks in there and doesn’t seem to mind the downtime.

Even though she has no anxiety, Brooklyn can be skittish with new things. She is simply being cautious as she will sniff and possibly jump back. This is how she thinks her way through a new situation and determines it to be safe. She is not an excessive barker at all.


Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn – 2 yrs – 17 pounds

Adoptable Dachshund Brooklyn is a beautiful, intelligent, and sweet dog. She needs a little more training as she is still young, but with consistency, she is doing very well. Socialization and interaction with dogs and people is important and Brooklyn will continue to make progress with someone who will work with her. She is going to be a wonderful addition to the right family!

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