Adoptable Doxie Tyson – Adopted

Adoptable Doxie Tyson is***ADOPTED*** a pretty boy who is all about YOU. He wants to be with you at all times and will make a great companion for someone who wants to spend time with him!

Adoptable Doxie Tyson

At 11 years old and 18 pounds, Tyson is in good health. Although he doesn’t really have an interest in dog toys, he enjoys doing most anything his human is doing.

He is excited to ride in the car with you. Actually, he prefers to be with you as often as possible so would love to go with you all the time. It wouldn’t be described as strongly as “separation anxiety” which would need to be addressed but he is anxious for a while after his human leaves the house.

He is ok with other dogs but does not care to play with them. Again, this guy is a real “people person” totally focused on his human!

Tyson is obedient and loving. He barks appropriately and stops when prompted to. He’s fully house trained and is good on a leash, he LOVES to go for walks. He gets VERY excited about his walks. So much so, that he is quite difficult to put a harness on as he jumps around. That may calm down once he is in a home with someone who can take him for regularly scheduled walks.

He has had perineal hernia surgery (as well as being neutered recently) which is why his hind quarters are shaved in the pictures. He has recovered completely and although he requires no medication per say, he does need to have lactulose added to his prescription food to aid in digestion. With this regimen he has complete control of his bowels so there are no issues that remain in that regard post surgery.

Tyson would most likely enjoy interaction with calmer children who know how to behave appropriately around dogs.

Tyson’s anxiety is centered around being with his human. Although, it’s definitely managed. A home where someone is present most of the time will be best for Tyson. He is also a lap dog who will choose to spend time with you on the couch.

While he isn’t crate trained, he does enjoy sleeping in his dog bed. As far as people coming to the front door, he is apprehensive at first and barks a lot, but quickly calms once he learns that you are not alarmed by the person at the door. He’s a smart dog who will take his cues from you.

Tyson is a sweet and friendly dog who will certainly make a terrific side-kick and furry friend for an individual or couple who can spend plenty of time with him. Nothing will make him happier than to have a family who wants to be with him as much as he does them!

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

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