Adoptable Dachshund Carla – Pending

Adoptable dachshund Carla is now pending adoption. She’s a fun little bundle of joy! At only 8 months old and just 9 pounds, she is a tiny fearless alpha dog.

She runs toward any other dogs she sees. We aren’t yet sure how she’ll do with cats, but would probably do fine – especially with a little coaching. Speaking of coaching, she is working on walking on a leash. With practice, she’s getting the hang of it and will do fine. She enjoys her walks and is well-behaved. A walk right after breakfast and dinner has been good for Carla and is recommended. 

Her foster mom doesn’t believe she’ll do well with very young children, but will be fine with those 12 and older. Carla is crate trained and behaves very well in the crate. At night, she has been sleeping with her foster parents and loves cuddling up! Although, she should do fine in a dog bed, it is unknown how much she will like that. 

Carla can be a little aggressive when it comes to food. She is ok with her toys, but she doesn’t like any other dog messing with her food or crate. It’s ok for humans though! More training and time should take care of the food and crate aggression if it were to be a problem. Originally, Carla was leery of her foster dad and 16 year old son. She took to her foster mom right away. By the end of the week, she warmed up to both men and is adjusting well. 

This sweet little dachshund likes riding in the car. As a matter of fact, she slept in the car while in her crate and was perfectly happy. Carla also loves running around in the yard and playing with her foster sibling (another dog approximately the same size) but she seems interested in all dogs. She starts out shy and timid at first but within 12 hours, she wants to be queen of the house! 

Adoptable Dachshund Carla

Carla has a tendency to bark at most any noise, but she will quiet down right away. Thunder seems to scare her a little, so reassurance is important. With consistent training, and time with her new family, she should settle into a more comfortable disposition. Of course, like any good dachshund, she will certainly warn you if someone approaches the house, or when the trees blow in the wind! 

At first, Carla has some mild separation anxiety. Once she gets attached, she will follow you around and wants to sleep on your lap. She will go into her crate with no fuss and doesn’t go crazy when you leave. Her crate is a “safe place” and not viewed as a punishment or a negative. 

Carla is very sweet and wants lots of affection. She is super smart and comes to her name every time. This girl loves playing with her toys and, of course – eating breakfast and dinner. She loves treats!

Carla is super cute and can run fast. She does love running and playing in the yard with her buddy but will lay down and rest afterwards. As a young dog, it’s important that she has time to get plenty of exercise. We believe she would like another dog in the family, but not another alpha. This sweet girl will make an excellent dog for the right family! 

If you think Carla is a good fit for your family, please fill out an application with her name on it.