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Adopt Dachshund Mix Biscuit

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Adopt Dachshund mix Biscuit, who is a 1.5 years old, basically described as a doxie with taller legs! He is very shy, yet a sweet boy. He had minimal human contact during his first 18 months of life and lived outside.

 Learning Quickly

Biscuit was submitted with two other dogs who had all been largely left alone outdoors. So, he will enjoy a home with other dogs around, and one where he can receive an abundance of attention. He needs someone who is willing to spend time with him and understands that he doesn’t yet fully trust humans. Although, he is adjusting extremely well.

He has not been cat tested. He is potty trained which was one of our goals before adoption! YAY Biscuit!!! That is a great sign, since he had no previous training. He has responded very well to all this new attention and training. He’s obviously a smart dog!

Adopt Dachshund Mix Biscuit

Biscuit is working on learning to walk on a leash like a proper pup. We also believe he would benefit from a home with a yard as he is young and can be playful.

We are so encouraged that with very little human interaction in his first year and a half of life, and no training, Biscuit has quickly responded to love, attention, and training. He even sleeps with his foster parents!

Soulful Eyes

Adopt Dachshund Mix Biscuit – Now Pending!

You can see in his soulful puppy eyes, like most of us, all he really needs is love!

He is 1.5 years old, healthy and about 19.5 pounds, crate trained, potty trained, and learning to walk on a leash. Biscuit enjoys other dogs. He is very shy, but learns quickly.

If you believe you would be a good match to adopt Biscuit, please begin by filling out an application.

Biscuit is now Pending Adoption. It’s still a good idea to go ahead and fill out an application. It is the first step in the process. We will gladly continue to work with you in finding your own puppy-dog love. *Most of our dogs are not young pups, but we get a variety of wonderful dachshunds and dachshund wanna-be dogs who need a forever home.

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