Low Rider Services are many . . .

Low Rider Services include some things you may not immediately think of. We have volunteers, and volunteers who organize volunteers. We have a network of hard working people who spend their time returning messages, processing forms, preparing photos, making phone calls, and running the website. Volunteers attend events, write articles, and provide resources and time to educate the public.

Low Rider Services


Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida is licensed to remove dogs from kill shelters and others. We take in dogs from individuals who can no longer care for them. Most of the time, these dogs come to us through no fault of their own, needing love, care, and a home.

Low Rider Services

Medical Care

Many of the dogs who find themselves in need of rescue need emergency medical care. From teeth to tail, each of our dogs are carefully vetted to be sure they receive the help they need. Even major operations are provided. Your donation paves the way to provide for these needs!

Low Rider Services

Furever Home

With the help of our friends and wonderful volunteers, Low Rider provides loving homes, both foster and furever homes to the dogs who find themselves in our care. Each home requires a home check to help ensure successful adoption. The goal is always adoption!

More Low Rider Services

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER Organization! From processing the forms, to pick up and transport of a dog to a foster home, daily care, vetting and medical treatments, delivery to their forever homes, and so much more . . . it’s people just like YOU who make a difference and allow us to continue helping more dachshunds. Of course, it takes money, but it also takes boots on the ground. Everyone we’ve worked with, and continue to work with, is driven by a love for animals, and especially an admiration for the incredible dachshund!

Because of our extensive network of volunteers and their tireless dedication, almost all the donation money goes straight to the dogs! We have very little overhead and minimal expenses – all of which are directly related to running the organization. We use a number of individual foster homes to house dogs, instead of a shelter for home base. Low Rider is made up of caring people, like you.

Low Rider Services Quick Video

As of January 2020, Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida has been able to rescue and place well over 300 dachshunds in loving homes!

foster - adopt - Nicholas

Foster – Adopt

Nicholas is one of our rescues who was adopted by his loving foster mom. We call that a “foster fail” as the foster family loved him so much, they decided to keep him. Fostering can be a great way to get started with Low Rider, and it provides these incredible animals with the care they need before finding the perfect forever home. His foster mom, like many others, continues to dedicate time working with Low Rider.

scooby - medical care

Medical Care

Scooby was in dire need of heart surgery. Now, he’s living the good life with his loving adopted family. His mom says, “He’s such a joy, we fell in love and adopted him.” Like Scooby, many of the animals taken in by Low Rider require medical treatment. Some only need minor vetting, while others require major surgery to save their life, or restore quality of life. Again, it’s caring people giving to the organization who make this possible.

Oscar the Differently Abled Dachshund

Special Needs

Oscar, The Differently-abled Dachshund was surrendered to Low Rider after he became paralyzed. He was taken to several different veterinarians and they all agreed he should be euthanized if no one was willing to take on his considerable “nursing” care. He won our hearts, and our dedication, with his indomitable spirit and happy-go-lucky demeanor. With a lot of time and care, Low Rider Dachshund Rescue was able to find the perfect forever home for this special fella! Not only was he saved from euthanasia, he is living his best life!



From kill shelters to individual surrenders, our vast network of dedicated volunteers drive ALL OVER the STATE of Florida to rescue and deliver dogs. First we get them to safety in a fully vetted Foster home. They see the Veterinarian and often receive much needed medical care and treatment. We do our best to work on any issues they may have to help ensure successful placement. Then, Low Rider gets to work showing off their pictures and information to find the perfect forever home for each and every dog in our care. Again, those volunteers drive as needed, to deliver the furbaby to their new family.

And So Much More . . .

Next Steps…

We need your help! Learn more about volunteering HERE. Please consider making a one-time or monthly donation to help cover expenses associated with rescuing these wonderful dogs!