Dachshunds Johnny and Cash – Adopted

Dachshunds Johnny and Cash are 10 year old seniors who are a bonded pair. They’ve always been together and depend on one another. This super cute senior duo even like to sleep in the same bed or crate.

Dachshunds Johnny and Cash

These good old boys don’t bark excessively. They bark when the other dogs bark (squirrels, UPS mail etc.) but they don’t bark for no reason. There’s been no signs of anxiety, most likely because they have one another. Both boys are house trained and crate trained as well. Although, you might have guessed, they prefer to be in the same crate together.

Dachshunds Johnny and Cash

Even though they have each other, they are friendly when meeting new people and also enjoy other dogs. Dogs big and small are friends with Johnny and Cash. We have no idea how they feel about cats. Children of all ages, as long as they are taught proper dachshund care, are no problem for these sweetheart dogs!

Dachshunds Johnny and Cash

Johnny and Cash still have plenty of pep in their step as they have been known to chase a chicken or two! This might provide an insight as to what they might do with cats or other small animals.

Each of them do well in the car. They travelled from Kansas to Florida with no problems. Unfortunately, their human has no choice but to live somewhere they cannot go. Even with such a big change, they are easy going and adjusted extremely well.

Dachshunds Johnny and Cash

Dachshunds Johnny and Cash – 10 yrs, 20 lbs

Johnny and Cash have lived in the same home all their lives. They are friendly, happy and definitely bonded. They simply need a safe and loving home to enjoy their golden years. Both of these well behaved dachshunds are terrific companions for someone who loves dogs. They play well with other dogs and humans alike. House-trained, and good on a leash. They are easy-going, unless there’s a chicken to chase! Their ideal home would be an individual or couple, even a family who knows to take good care not to let them jump off furniture, has a yard or takes them for several walks, helps them keep an eye on their waistline, and provides love and care! Is this duo for you?

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

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