Adoptable Dachshund Mikey – Pending

Adoptable Dachshund Mikey is making some big adjustments. His mommy used to give him all of her attention and now, he’s with her daughter’s family – still getting plenty of attention, but his worldview has shifted! He is doing remarkably well learning new habits, eating well, and loosing weight. He’s bonding with more than one person and enjoys the cats. It could be extremely good for him to have a buddy or two who can show him the ropes and help him enjoy being a dog.

He isn’t a big fan of car rides, however, he now uses a carrier and he seems much more comfortable in the better enclosed space. He isn’t locked in, so he sits with his head poking out of the zipper top looking around. It also raises him up so he can see out of the windows without jumping up. He’s learning to like new things.

Adoptable Dachshund Mikey

Initially, there was some separation anxiety and it caused excessive barking. Once he was adjusted in the new home environment, he stopped doing so much of that. In the beginning, he would bark or whine when someone left the house. To be secure, he needs a house and a crate, which will make him much more comfortable.

Loud noises intimidate him. Both fireworks and thunder seem to upset him, but he is becoming more accustomed to it. He’s currently living near Disney World and has “fireworks therapy” every night!

So, my mom lived in an apartment on the bottom floor. The person above her moved around a lot and he barked at the noise pretty often. We got him a citronella bark collar which helped curb most of it. However, in a new environment he will likely bark excessively until he gets used to it. He has been with us for 2 months and rarely barks. My mom also encouraged the bad behavior, where we try to nip it, so at least part of it is parenting style. He is very smart and will definitely follow the lead you give him.

~ quote from current owner
Adoptable Dachshund Mikey

He has separation anxiety. He became used to his owner being home with him ALL the time. She wouldn’t leave the house because he would get upset and bark, scratch at the door, and act out. She did not crate him. Now he’s accustomed to a crate with all of his most precious things in it, along with a dog bed. He took to the crate and behaved better. Since being in his new environment, he has stopped acting out, and is generally less anxious. He is in a larger household where someone is almost always home, but not the same people, so he gets a good mix of attention from different parts of the family. He’s learning to socialize! The cats are keeping him more in line too – so maybe he needs other animals in the house to show him everything is ok?

Mikey was attacked earlier this year by another dog. His temperament has changed since. Generally yes, he likes meeting new dogs, but since his attack he is more skittish. He currently lives in a home with two cats successfully. There is also a one-year-old toddler in the home and he seems fine with it. A gentle dog friend or a couple of friendly cats would be ideal for him.

He is very good about telling you when he needs to go out. He will walk to the door or if you’re really not paying attention, he will jump toward his leash (sits near the door on a table). He sleeps in a dog bed and LOVES his new crate! Generally, he is not allowed on the furniture, however he used to sit in his owner’s recliner with her all day while she watched TV. He has now learned to be confident using a rug and a dog bed to accommodate. Of course, he still gets plenty of cuddles, but he’s learning to feel secure.

Adoptable Dachshund Mikey – 11 yrs – 19 lbs

Mikey is a cuddler’s dream. He just wants to make you happy, please you in any way he can. He is gentle, warm and loving. Mikey loves his toy balls, and will “bump” them to you with his nose so that you can throw the ball for him to fetch and then play with for a few minutes before he brings it back for you to throw again. Blue racket balls and his football are his favorites! He is seeking a home where there is some order with a crate he can retreat to, furniture he cannot jump on, and a fur buddy or two to pal around with!

Adoptable Dachshund Mikey

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