Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund Pair – Pending

Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund pair are now pending adoption! They’re a gorgeous bonded pair of perfect mini red dachshunds. As they are bonded, they will not be adopted out separately.

Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund Pair

Although they don’t look it, they are also 10 years old. They weigh 9 and 10 pounds. These little seniors act and appear to be younger than they are. Mickey and Minnie bark at other dogs and try to run to them, we are unsure as to what their end goal is. It is also unknown as to how they would do with cats.

They are currently working on housetraining as they have not mastered the art of going outside. The dogs have tended to go out in the yard and stand, only to come back in and pottly on the pee pad. Mickey and Minnie both get up in middle of nite to use a potty pad. Treats, patience and consistency, and praise should help. Foster mom says they are smart and catching on quickly!

Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund Pair

While practicing walking on a leash, they pull and criss-cross back and forth. They will need someone to spend time training them how to walk properly. This kind of patient practice and training takes time but should pay off. The desire to chase after other dogs they pass should also lessen with proper teaching – and probably quite a few treats!

Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund Pair

Mickey and Minnie are little cuddle buddies! They love to sit with their foster mom any time she is sitting down. When she is busy, they sleep in their dog beds. At night, they enjoy sleeping with their foster parents.

Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund Pair

Fosters with Mickey and Minnie Adoptable Dachshund Pair

A word from their foster mom,

Mickey and Minnie are loving dogs who like to give kisses and be with you all the time, and love belly and ear rubs. They don’t like to be away from each other. Mickey and Minnie are good dogs that don’t get in trouble by trashing or chewing things. They play with and groom each other daily.

~ Foster Mommy

Minnie is the alpha dog, and Mickey tolerates her bossy ways. They are not food or toy aggressive. They aren’t fond of car rides and shake while in kennel during the ride. They lay still but are nervous. Mickey is afraid of thunder, and Minnie comforts him. The dogs really are OK, as long as they are together.

If you live in Florida and believe you can provide a loving home for these two precious dogs – and some needed training – please fill out an application and put their name on it. It’s free to apply. $225 for adoption if you are chosen.

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