Dogs Make a Difference During Covid19

Dogs make a difference during Covid19 crisis. This is a story about a foster dog’s comfort to a child during this difficult time.

Dogs Make a Difference During Covid

Stephanie is a nurse working unbelievably hard at this time, as you can imagine. She is also a mom to two beautiful girls. The whole family has been a wonderful foster family for Low Rider, and the girls are simply amazing with the dogs.

The youngest daughter, Ashley, has some of the complicating health factors that make it extremely risky for her to be exposed to the virus in any way. They have had to take extraordinary measures to protect her. Because of her mom’s job working on the front lines of healthcare during Covid19, it was necessary that Ashley stay with a relative to minimize the risk of exposure.

Rescue Dog to the Rescue!

It has been about a month now since Ashley has seen her mom, dad, or sister and it has been hard. However, Ashley and the current foster dog had been developing a bond and he got to go with her to stay with the relative.

Stephanie shared this story with us and said she was so grateful Ashley had him with her and that it has made things easier for her.

It’s so amazing what a difference the love of a dog can make! We hope this brings some joy to your day as we continue to do the best we can under these circumstances.

Thank you Stephanie for your service! Ashley, we appreciate you so much for allowing us to share your story. Virtual hugs from all the team and dogs of Low Rider!

We love seeing dogs make a difference during Covid19! Do you have a similar story about how your dog has helped during this stressful time? We’d love for you to share it on our Facebook page here. Leave your story in the comments and we might just share it on social media! Pictures are a plus.

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This Is Why We Do It

The story above is just one of many examples as to WHY we volunteer our time to do what we do. We believe it makes a difference, not only to the dogs pulled from kill shelters and other desperate situations, but to the people whose lives they touch.

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Thank you so much from all of us! Stay safe and Hug a Dachshund during this time!