Adoptable Dachshund Oscar – Adopted

  1. Now Adopted – Adoptable dachshund Oscar is a sweet little guy who is happiest when snuggling under a blanket. At 10 years old, he’s an easy-going fella. Oscar is well mannered and gets excited for treats.

Adoptable Dachshund Oscar

He enjoys other dogs, although we aren’t sure how fond he may be of cats. He’s a good boy who is housebroken and sleeps all through the night. Currently, he’s been sleeping on the couch at the home of his foster parents, but he would also do well in his own bed, as long as there is a blanket! Have we mentioned that under the blanket is his happy place? Every true dachshund fully understands this habit!

Adoptable Dachshund Oscar

His foster parents have had no need to house him in the create, except for during transport back and forth from the vet. He did well during this time, and enjoyed the car ride too.

Oscar would be fine in a small place and best if he doesn’t need to climb any stairs. Stairs are not his friend at this age, and not much for dachshunds anyways.

Adoptable Dachshund Oscar

We mentioned that he likes other dogs but, because of his age, it would be best for him not to live with a small puppy. A calm dog would be just fine. On that note, and also because of his age, smaller children would not be best for him either. More mature kids and teenagers would be fine.

As an older dog, he qualifies for our senior discount at $150 in adoption fees. We also have a Senior for Seniors discount at $75. This is only charged IF and WHEN you are chosen to adopt him – it’s always free to apply with Low Rider.


If you live in Florida and believe you can provide a safe and loving home for our boy Oscar to live out his retirement happily, please fill out an application. Our volunteers will do all they can to process it in a timely manner, but we do not have the ability to call every applicant. Please check your email and spam folder. If we haven’t called you within 10 days, feel free to apply for a different dog.