Fostering a Dachshund

Fostering a Dachshund

Fostering a dachshund rescue is an important step in the Low Rider Dachshund Rescue process. We’ve had some very special adoptions for Low Rider dogs recently (we will continue sharing those all month) but, once again – we find ourselves in desperate need of Foster homes!

Fostering plays a special role in our operation – you see, typically we get a call and application about a dog (or several). Then we get busy finding and arranging transportation (sometimes across Florida) via our wonderful volunteer network.

BUT these dogs need somewhere safe to go for their immediate processing.

This is where the Low Rider Foster Families come into play! It’s a critical step because the dogs have to be vetted and assessed so that they can be placed in a forever home with a high rate of success.

All of this goes to help ensure the animal goes through the LEAST amount of trauma, receives any needed medical care, and gets to his/her forever family as quickly as possible.

Fostering a dachshund is a rewarding and valuable experience. Some find that they love the role and repeat it over and over. Others fall in total love and end up being the right home for their special guest. We lovingly call those “foster fails”!

These steps are a necessary part of ensuring success. It’s a tried and true system developed and improved over time. And, it’s folks like you – who care, and are willing and able to step in – that make it work!

Fostering a Dachshund

1. Safe Temporary Shelter     2. Food and Water     3. Time 4. Love

If you can provide these simple things you can save a life!

*EVERYTHING ELSE NECESSARY IS PROVIDED BY LOW RIDER DACHSHUND RESCUE* We cover the cost of all pre-approved necessary vetting & medications.

If you live in Florida and are interested in making a difference in this way: helping to get incredible dogs to their forever family by providing a temporary home (or foster to adopt) PLEASE fill out our application!

We will get back to you as soon as possible!