Adoptable Dog Ginny – Adopted

Adoptable Dog Ginny

Adoptable Dog Ginny has been adopted! She’s a delightful personality that will melt your heart! She is a real love who has blossomed under good care.

She came to us from a shelter and was malnourished, suffering from chronic flea condition that made her lose a good portion of her fur. Ginny had double ear infections and huge bladder stones that made her incontinent and painful to urinate. She was suffering.

Although plagued with all these conditions, Ginny has been a sweet and happy pup. She loves to eat and has now gained a healthy 6 pounds which puts her at 25lbs.

Her coat is doing much better and the bladder stones have been removed and has proved that she is fully potty trained and learned to use a doggy door to go outside.

Adoptable Dog Ginny

She must be kept on a prescription diet to lower the chances of getting stones again. Her ears must also be cleaned weekly to avoid infections.

More About Adoptable Dog Ginny

Ginny is great with dogs, cats and people in general, she can be timid when she meets new people but warms up after she knows she is safe. You can often find her snuggled up to her dog buddies!

Adoptable Dog Ginny

Additionally, this sweet girl would do best in a home with company (either multiple people or pets) because she can suffer from some separation anxiety when left alone, but she is getting better! Ginny gets startled by cars when on walks, but with patience and practice we are sure she will improve. She makes progress regularly!

Ginny has tons of love to give, she can be funny, playful with her people and dogs and melt your heart with her personality. 

Age: 8-9
Gender: Female
Purebred or Mix: Mix
Adoption Fee: $150

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