Adoptable Mix Maddox – Adopted

Introducing Adoptable Mix Maddox: Your Energetic and Loving Companion! He’s a beautiful wirehair dachshund mix.

Meet Maddox, a lively and affectionate mix breed eagerly seeking his forever home! Despite his initial shyness, Maddox’s playful personality and loving nature make him a wonderful pet. He is looking for a home where his human is around most of the time and without very young children. He’d love a yard.

When Maddox came to us, he had been hit by a car. He had minor fractures in the pelvic region and road rash on hind quarters. He’s healing beautifully and is walking without any issues. He has adjusted to his foster home well and is now fully house-trained. This sweet boy needs a human to call his own!

Adoptable Mix Maddox

Maddox, a one-and-a-half-year-old mix weighing 16 lbs, is a bundle of energy and love. While he may be initially hesitant, he quickly warms up to new friends, both human and canine alike. His foster parent notes his friendly demeanor towards other dogs, although he hasn’t had much exposure to big dogs or cats yet.

Young children are not the best match for Maddox but older kids (middle school and up) are fine. His good behavior on walks demonstrates his eagerness for outdoor adventures, although he may exhibit skittishness due to being hit by a car. He does well riding in the car and is great on walks away from traffic. He enjoys a park or backyard setting and LOVES to play ball.

In our care he has received: emergency treatment, xrays, meds, neuter, his vaccines are up to date and he has a microchip.

Adoptable Mix Maddox

Maddox is fully house trained and will vocalize when he needs to go out. He may bark or whine when it’s time for a potty break, but with patience and consistency, he’s sure to adapt to his new environment.

While Maddox hasn’t been crate trained, he prefers to be in the mix of things and enjoys human companionship. He loves his dog bed but would prefer the warmth and comfort of snuggling up with his favorite humans at night, given the chance.

Adoptable Mix Maddox

Maddox’s playful nature extends to his love for car rides, where he enjoys sitting in a lap and taking in the sights. When meeting new people, he is cautious and a bit wary. With time and patience, he warms up and becomes a loyal and affectionate companion.

Maddox’s youthfulness is evident in his playful demeanor and curiosity for new experiences. While he may bark excessively at times, it’s likely due to his young age and unfamiliar surroundings. He is looking for someone who is around a lot so he can be with his human. This boy loves attention! With time and love, Maddox is sure to blossom into a devoted companion.

Adoptable Mix Maddox

Adoptable Mix Maddox – 1 yrs, 16 lbs.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a playful and affectionate companion, consider welcoming Maddox into your life today! Maddox comes with all his essentials and a whole lot of love to give. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make Maddox your number one fella! Adoption Fee $300.

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

*Be advised, we have a couple of volunteers processing hundreds of applications. We are unable to call everyone back as we do not have ANY employees. Our dedicated volunteers and foster parents will check references of the applications that appear to be a good match. At that time, if you are chosen, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

The adoption fee helps to cover costs, as each dog is fully vetted, and treated, as needed to prepare them to move forward in their new life. You pay no fee unless you are chosen to adopt.

Under 1 $350
1-3 years $300
4-7 years $250
8-10 years $200
Over 10 $150
Special Needs $150