Adoptable Doxies Lia and Rio – Adopted


Adoptable doxies Lia and Rio are the perfect little duo for a dachshund loving family! They are good with children and have enjoyed meeting other dogs. Not an ounce of aggression has been noted with either dog.


Rio loves all people he will run up to anyone for attention. Lia is a little more shy and will jump away from strangers and hide next to you. In their foster home, they have been around standard size, larger dogs, and have done very well.

Although they do like to go for car rides, Lia should potty first as she can tend to get a little nervous in the car. Otherwise, they really don’t have signs of anxiety.


They will still need work on being potty trained but are so close to being fully trained. Initially, they were used to using potty pads. Short walks are a frequent activity they both like and Lia and Rio are doing great on the leash.

Barking has really only been observed at appropriate times. They are obsessed with the crate they sleep in it during the day. The door is left open so they can choose when to go in. At night they either sleep in the human bed, their dog beds, or the crate. Often, they will enjoy cuddle time before toddling off to their doggie beds together.

Adoptable doxies Lia and Rio

In our care they have received: Vet Check, 1 or more Vaccines, Medication (temporary – like for acute infection), Spay or Neuter, Minor Surgery (such as removal of benign cyst), Nails Trimmed, Flea Treatments, Heart Worm testing and medication. Rio has undergone surgery to remove kidney stones and a UTI medication which he completed. They both have been spayed and neutered they are no longer on any medications.

Adoptable doxies Lia and Rio

Adoptable Doxies Lia and Rio – 3 yrs, 12 and 12.5 lbs

Rio is the sweetest boy ever he is extremely playful, but also loves to cuddle and sleep. Rios favorite toys are balls and Teddys. His favorite treats are bacon flavored. Lia is the cutest couch potato you will ever meet. She is a little princess. She loves to cuddle on the couch and will lay right in your lap. Her favorite treats are chicken flavored. They both love baths, treats, toys, beds. Adoption fee $350 each dog.

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

*Be advised, we have a couple of volunteers processing hundreds of applications. We are unable to call everyone back as we do not have ANY employees. Our dedicated volunteers and foster parents will check references of the applications that appear to be a good match. At that time, if you are chosen, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

The adoption fee helps to cover costs, as each dog is fully vetted, and treated, as needed to prepare them to move forward in their new life. You pay no fee unless you are chosen to adopt.

  • Under 4 months $450
  • Under 1 $400
  • 1-3 years $350
  • 4-7 years $300
  • 8-10 years $250 
  • Over 10 $200 
  • Special needs $150