Dholly Adoptable Dachshund – Adopted!

Dholly Adoptable Dachshund has Great News!!! Dholly is has been Adopted. You can view our other Adoptable Dogs on the page HERE. You are welcome to fill out an Adoption Application HERE or apply to be a Foster Parent HERE.

Congratulations Dholly on your new family!


Dholly adoptable dachshund is a 25 lb beautiful, very sophisticated and opinionated young lady. She needs a family with experience that is willing to continue the conditioning/training that she has been currently getting.

Dholly Adoptable Dachshund

Dholly being opinionated is another way to describe boss lady. She has her routines and with another dog or pet, will assert herself to be in the lead position. This could mean marking her bedding and/or spot. This is an issue that disappears with time as roles are established within the multi pet household.

She also may assert dominance in what appears an aggressive manor at first. But within time (at least a week) this is no longer an issue.

Dholly is very sweet and gentle to take food and treats from her pet parents hand. She has shown zero aggression towards any children and humans. She loves scratches, playtime, hugs, kisses, treats, treat/game exercises, and snoozes on the couch during tv/movie time. She is extremely affectionate and very much wants to be a part of your life.

In a household, she seems to prefer a male dog to another female dog partner. A sustainable household with more than another dog is possible but will require patience and continued training/conditioning.

Dholly has an injured leg that was likely the result of an untreated injury that includes mobility and sight impairment. However, she has adapted through her injury and appears happy and pain free.  She has also been evaluated by a vet.

For more info on Dholly please email her foster mom at [email protected]

Name: Dholly
Age:  5
Gender: Female
Purebred or Mix: Purebred
Adoption Fee: $250

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