Meet Dinghy Adoptable Doxie – Moved to Broken Wiener Refuge

Meet Dinghy Adoptable Doxi

Meet Dinghy Adoptable Doxie. Dinghy is a sweet, fun-loving young boy that does not know he is different from other dogs.  He has his whole life ahead of him and he’s hoping you are the one to see how special he can make your lives together.

Companionship is #1 with him.  Human companionship.  He does love to play with other dogs but when it comes to attention from you, he will push to be first in line.  He is looking for someone that is home most of the time so his special needs can be met and the two of you can have so much fun together.

Dinghy’s back was injured and now he cannot use his back legs to walk.  He also is incontinent of urine and bowels.  However, he is not all that difficult to care for if you get into a routine and he has so much love to return for your efforts.  He needs to wear a diaper for management of bowel movements that he does not have control over and his bladder needs to be expressed as well (otherwise, when it is full, it will slowly leak out).  The bladder expression is VERY easy to do.  (I had never done it before and I just squeezed his belly and that was all it took.)  He uses a “drag bag” to move around when he is not in a wheeled cart.  This bag protects his legs from rubbing on the floor as he moves.  He can use a wheeled cart and it will come with him when he is adopted.  It is enjoyable to go for walks using the cart and easy to put him into it.

It sounds like a lot and for some maybe it is but he gives back so much in return and is a constant companion.  Dinghy’s foster mom is available to answer any questions and tell you so much more about his bright, bubbly personality.  If you would like to know more about him, please email and put Dinghy in the subject and his foster mom will get back with you.  If he is not the right fit for you, please spread the word about this sweet boy as we feel strongly someone out there needs him as much as he needs them.

Age: 3
Gender: Male
Purebred or Mix: Mix
Adoption Fee: A donation from the heart

If you live in Florida and believe you can offer sweet Dinghy the time and attention he needs – please fill out an adoption application.

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