Adoptable Dachshund Roscoe – Adopted!

Adoptable Dachshund Roscoe has Great News!!! Roscoe has been Adopted! See the Happy Tails page HERE. You can view our other Adoptable Dogs on the page HERE. You are welcome to fill out an Adoption Application HERE or apply to be a Foster Parent HERE.

Adoptable Dachshund Roscoe

Adoptable dachshund Roscoe – This young man has caused quite the stir here with his handsomeness, awesomeness, irresistible-ness, and his incredible silly nature. 

Roscoe is a boy who found himself unable to walk on his back legs at this very young age but he doesn’t let it define him at all.  He is the same dog he always was and he is a joy to be around.

He moves around the house with his front legs and runs and plays.  He also enjoys using his wheeled cart which will come with him when he is adopted. 

He is full of energy, fun and inspiring behavior that make him a very special boy.  He is a rescue favorite.

Roscoe also needs his bladder expressed due to his disability which is not difficult to do.  He generally wears a diaper around the house or a belly band or he can also race around the backyard with no protection for his skin if the terrain is not too rough.  He of course enjoys spending as much time with “no clothes on” as any average dog would.

He sleeps in a dog bed that is covered in a washable pee pad as his bladder will leak when it is full and needs to be expressed which usually happens overnight.  He typically needs to be expressed 3 or 4 times a day.   Once in the morning, once in the middle of the day and once at night before bed.  He is very healthy aside from his disability and he enjoys cuddles on the couch, playtime and just being near you where you are.  He loves to go for a walk on the leash in his wheeled cart and he also loves sunbathing.  More information about the details of his care/personality can be explained by his foster mom for those seriously considering adopting him.  Foster mom will also be inquiring about his environment and your schedule if you converse with her regarding his adoption.  As you can imagine, Roscoe will require someone who is not gone from home for long hours at a time on a regular basis.

Age: 2-3
Gender: Male
Purebred or Mix: Purebred
Adoption Fee: Donation from the heart

December 29, 2019

If you believe you could be the right person to give adorable Roscoe his forever home, begin by filling out an application.

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