Dachshunds Milo and Gus- Adopted

Dachshunds Milo and Gus

Milo and Gus are both under 1 year old, super cute, a bonded pair, and approximately 11.5 pounds. Both will bark at a person when initially meeting them. Gus warms up fairly fast, but Milo does not and will avoid the person until he gets to really know them. He’s a shy fella!

Dachshunds Milo and Gus

They both like other dogs, but will bark or be timid at first and then accept the other dog or dogs. Some additional socializing would probably be ideal, but overstimulation should be avoided. They enjoy car rides and are not toy or food aggressive. Both boys like taking walks and are good on a leash.

Milo and Gus don’t bark excessively. Milo has a tendency to bark more than Gus at the smallest of noise which will then cause Gus to bark. It’s not excessive, but should be pointed out, Mile barks much more than Gus.

Dachshunds Milo and Gus - Gus

When it comes to cats, it isn’t that they don’t like them, but really can’t say they get along with them and/or want to be with them. I have a cat who Gus will go up to and smell, but that is it. Milo avoids him and is actually a bit afraid of his foster cat sibling. A cat who doesn’t care to interact with them would likely be just fine.

Dachshunds Milo and Gus

As with many rescues, neither are 100% housebroken. They will go a couple days and be good and then next day, use bathroom in the house. They have begun to use pee pads much better. Additional training is needed.

Dachshunds Milo and Gus - Gus

Milo and Gus stay in a bedroom by themselves that have several dog beds in the room. The first few days they whined when door closed, but now, no whines or barking. They do not sleep with their foster, but probably would enjoy it.

Gus suffers from some separation anxiety when foster leaves the room. He will whine for a short while, but then stops. The first week it is longer and louder, which is normal.

Dachshunds Milo and Gus - Milo

Dachshunds Milo and Gus – 11 mos. & 11.5 pounds

Milo and Gus are going on being one year old very soon, Milo’s DOB is 3/19 and Gus is 4/9. They share the same dad, but different mother. They have been together the whole time and are a bonded pair.

Dachshunds Milo and Gus

They get along great with their two-foster dog siblings but chose to mostly play with one another and usually sleep side by side. Both are sweet and loveable, and they are in good health with beautiful soft coats. Gus is more active than his brother as to playing with toys and being destructive, he is also the funny one with his adorable personality. Milo is the handsome one, but a barker he is! They both are not 100% housebroken and have a tendency to want to mark. However, both just recently neutered so that may change.

Dachshunds Milo and Gus

So, if you are looking for two boys to make you laugh just by watching them, these two are for you. Also as indicated they are both sweet and Gus really likes to be on his foster’s lap whenever possible. They also are good traveling companions if you are someone who enjoys taking their dogs on trips.

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