Bella Girl Adoptable Dog – Adopted!

Bella Girl Adoptable Dog has some Great News!!! Bella Girl has been Adopted! See the Happy Tails page HERE. You can view our other Adoptable Dogs on the page HERE. You are welcome to fill out an Adoption Application HERE or apply to be a Foster Parent HERE.

Bella Girl Adoptable Dog

Bella Girl adoptable dog is truly a delightful companion with a great deal of love to give to one person or couple exclusively.  I say this because she has a heightened sense of devotion paired with some protective tendencies and “resource guarding” that create a combination where she would do best with someone without other dogs and without a lot of visitors, where she could create a relationship just with her human(s) and be the best companion they ever had.  (Resource guarding refers to the state where the dog will become agitated and could growl or nip at someone who they perceive to be challenging them in terms of taking their toy or hurting their human in some way).

While Bella is basically dog friendly, she does not enjoy their company at all and prefers to have her human(s) to herself.  For this reason, she would also be best in a home where her humans don’t want to take her with them when they go out places because she would be overwhelmed by the sense of needing to protect them and not present well with most strangers.  That having been said, she also is obedient to a stern voice and wants to listen.  Of course she would be just fine with necessary trips to the vet, etc.  At home with just her humans, she is in her element and a dog that has a lot to offer.

She is completely house trained and she loves her crate.  It is her safe place and she goes to it upon request as well.  She sleeps in it all night long however she would LOVE to sleep in the big bed with you if you would like.  We don’t know much about her past or how well she was treated so we can’t explain why it is when you go to pet her at any time she will roll over in submission and wag her tail for belly rubs.  She does not present in any other way that she was abused nor does she seem fearful at the time so it could be entirely a personality trait (I find it adorable!).  After the belly rubs she returns to wagging her tail at your feet and gazing at you longingly for “whatever comes next.”

She is very healthy, has pearly white teeth, a beautiful coat, energy level is medium.  She is NOT cat friendly.  She uses a doggie door and enjoys running in the backyard so that would be a plus as well if you are considering adopting her.  We are not sure what she is mixed with or even if any dachshund exists in this sweet girl but she will make someone a lovely companion and she is ready to find her forever home.  Please watch our Facebook page as well because we are hoping to post some nice videos of her which will give you a better idea of her 10 pounds of personality.

Age: 8
Gender:  Female
Purebred or Mix: Mix (longhair)
Adoption Fee: $150

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