Adoptable Mix Chip – Adopted

Adoptable mix Chip is a sweet young chiweenie dog with a cool merle coloring! He’s a shy guy who is cautious and slow to warm up when meeting new people but will ease into belly rubs when you let him come to you. Of course, once secure, he is a little love.

Adoptable Mix Chip

Chip gets nervous in the car, so he doesn’t particularly love car rides, but he does love his crate. His favorite treat is pepperoni! He will run across the house at full-speed to go I’m his crate for a piece of pepperoni. He will happily sleep in there at night or when you aren’t home with a fluffy blanket.

Adoptable Mix Chip

He is not comfortable around small children and will hide, become protective, bark, growl or bite. Older kids and teens should be fine, if they participate in gaining his trust and have patience with him. He could benefit from additional training.

He has been on leash around small dogs. He likes dogs that are calm and not pushy. If they are too pushy he will get scared and bark or try to bite. Careful socialization and/or working through a dog program could benefit him greatly!

Adoptable Mix Chip

He’s never food aggressive, but can be somewhat protective of his crate and bed. Well-behaved, Chip is not an excessive barker. It was reported that he does not like cats.

He is microchipped. He has had a Vet Check with, 1 or more Vaccines, Dental Exam, Spay or Neuter, Flea Treatments, Heart Worm testing and medication.

Walking on his leash and harness is a favorite pass-time and he’ll alert you when he needs to go out.

Adoptable Mix Chip

Adoptable Mix Chip – 2 years, 14 pounds

He needs someone who is patient and calm who can allow him to work through his anxiety to improve his trust. He has made great strides in just a short time because he is very smart and eager to learn. With time, understanding, and perhaps some coaching, he has great potential for growth!

Chip is a sweet little guy with the coolest looks in town! He loves belly rubs and snuggling under blankets. He is fully house trained. He loves to be outdoors and go for walks on his leash. He is a lizard and bird chaser which is very exciting for him.

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