Adoptable Dachshund Bach – Adopted

Adoptable Dachshund Bach is an 11 year old, 19 pound, sweetheart who is looking for love! He’s a friendly fella who barks his hello’s to everyone he passes by on walks, he just wants to be friends.

Adoptable Dachshund Bach

Bach makes it a point to greet large and small dogs alike while on his walk. He likes most everyone. He is friendly to children he has come across as well. It is unknown as to how he feels about cats!

Bach enjoys car rides. He’s very well behaved in the car and will fall asleep. Speaking of sleep, during the day, he naps in his dog bed. At night, he prefers to sleep with his people. He’s crate trained, but is not a fan of the crate.

Adoptable Dachshund Bach

He’s not food or toy aggressive. Bach is house-trained. As long as he is walked often he has no accidents but they are minimal if and when he does.

Good on walks, but Bach needs a patient walker because he likes to stop and take breaks in the sun. He does have spurts of energy and like to run short distances so put your sneakers on!

Adoptable Dachshund Bach

Bach has bad allergies, if left untreated he will get infections. We have been able to clear his skin infections and almost completely clear his (2) ear infections. He will need a combo of Cytopoint shots (ESPECIALLY during the bad allergy months) and Apoquel to ensure he is most comfortable. He will need weekly ear flushing to keep his ears infection free. He is not high maintenance and will be easy to care for as long as his allergies are treated with medication consistently.

Adoptable Dachshund Bach

He does not like to be left alone at home but seems to calm when the resident dog stays close to him or in the same room. It’s probably important for him to have a companion.

Bach doesn’t exhibit major signs of anxiety. It’s mostly evidenced by barking, not trembling or destructive behavior. Even so, he isn’t an excessive barker. He has taken trazadone to help him when he has to spend time alone.

Adoptable Dachshund Bach

Adoptable Dachshund Bach 11 years – 19 lbs.

Bach is the sweetest boy, who just wants to share his affection and be close to you. He has the sweetest habit of laying on the couch next to you and putting his head on your lap. Every day his wagging tail wakes up before him when he senses that you are awake. You would have a loyal friend for life if you take Bach home with you.

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

*Be advised, we have a couple of volunteers processing hundreds of applications. We are unable to call everyone back as we do not have ANY employees. Our dedicated volunteers and foster parents will check references of the applications that appear to be a good match. At that time, if you are chosen, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

The adoption fee helps to cover costs, as each dog is fully vetted, and treated, as needed to prepare them to move forward in their new life. You pay no fee unless you are chosen to adopt.

  • Under 4 months $450
  • Under 1 $400
  • 1-3 years $350
  • 4-7 years $300
  • 8-10 years $250 
  • Over 10 $200 
  • Special needs $150