Dachshund Corgi Mix Geoffrey – Adopted


Dachshund Corgi Mix Geoffrey is a nearly 13-years old. Geoffrey is a wonderful companion for a single person, couple, or family without very young children. He is very active. He is incredibly affectionate, and loves to be close to his humans.


Even though he is older, he loves to play and run around, and he is very food-motivated. He is in very good shape for his age, and the vet has noted on multiple occasions the wonderful condition of his teeth. His immunizations are up-to-date, and he is crate trained. He is accustomed to sleeping in his crate.


Geoffrey is housebroken and is a well behaved gentleman. He has done well with other dogs in the past, but there are others he doesn’t do well with. It is unsure as to how he would react to cats as he isn’t used to them.

Geoffrey – Watch the Video

Geoffrey loves walking on a leash. He does tend to pull when being walked, out of excitement. He thinks he’s a sled dog! The backyard provides a terrific source of exercise and entertainment for him. Squirrel chasing is his favorite!


He also loves riding in the car, and previously completed a 3-week training course at a pet store. He prefers riding in the front seat with his human. But he doesn’t like it when motorcycles pass by at all. Geoffrey is a wonderful of a companion and he deserves a wonderful and peaceful forever home.

Adoptable Mix Geoffrey

Geoffrey is a 13 year old puppy! He’s an older guy, but don’t tell him that. He loves to run around in the backyard and chase squirrels with his foster sister, but he also loves naps on the couch with his foster mama. He is Doxie/Corgi mix, so he’s a bigger guy, but he doesn’t know it! He likes to cuddle and get chin scratches and belly rubs. He will tell you when he’s done! Geoffrey likes to go for walks, but he spends most of the time running. He thinks he is a sled dog and training for the next race. Geoffrey is a sweetheart that will do well as an only dog and with a family that can keep up with his youthful spirit.


13 years old – Dachshund Corgi Mix Geoffrey

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