Adoptable Mix Suzie Lu – Adopted

Adoptable Mix Suzie Lu is beautiful and a delight to be around. She’s a copper-colored girl, a mixed breed of dachshund and Bassett hound, per the vet. She’s 18 months old and full of energy, ready to walk and chase rabbits, lizards, and squirrels at all times. We call that squirrel-tainment here and she’s ready to tune in!

Adoptable Mix Suzie Lu

Suzie Lu has a beautiful underbite, really listens (unless she’s chasing something, then she’s busy), and knows some basic commands like sit, come on, leave it, etc. She will definitely need more training.

Adoptable Mix Suzie Lu

The previous owner said she was food and toy aggressive with other dogs in the home. She is the only dog in her foster home and has not exhibited these behaviors. Her foster mom has taken her food away while she’s eating, and she just waits for it to be returned. If in the home with another dog, care should be taken during feeding time (feed in separate location) and some training and supervision with toys. She is a gentle soul.

In our care she has received: Vet Check, 1 or more Vaccines, Dental Exam, Flea Treatments, Heart Worm testing and medication. Suzie Lu has cauliflower ear due to prior healed trauma. Per the vet, there are no issues with this. She also has a bump in her stomach due to what the vet feels are unabsorbed sutures from being spayed. Again, no issues, nothing more to do with this.

Adoptable Mix Suzie Lu

Although working on it, she’s not fully house-trained and will need a loving, stable home to help her learn how always do her business outside. She loves women and takes a bit longer to warm up to men. Suzie Lu can be a bit shy at first, but warms up and is friendly. In the process, she may bark and growl a bit, but this is how she talks. It’s important to understand that she is simply communicating and it is not a sign of aggression. A calming voice and assurance along with a moment of introduction is really all she needs.

Usually comfortable with other dogs. There are dogs in the neighborhood of her foster home and she has been friendly. She loves to growl, but her tail is wagging, loves water… and her baths. Growling is her verbalization of what she’s thinking. She is definitely communicating at all times – with her eyes, her tail, her voice, and her snuggles. Obviously smart, she’s a beautiful, loving companion.

Suzie Lu barks when she meets new people but doesn’t bark excessively otherwise. She is a protector and occasionally barks at outside noises if they’re loud. There are no signs of separation anxiety. Per her previous family, she will chew on plastic toys and other plastic things she finds when left alone.

Adoptable Mix Suzie Lu

Mix Suzie Lu – 1.5 yrs, 17.3 lbs.

Suzie Lu loves car rides, long walks outside, and bedtime snuggles. She’s ready for a lifetime person who loves and treats her like family. She loves being in the middle of everything: car rides, squeaky toys, and tug of war. She also loves to jump really high and will hold her leash in her mouth so she can “walk herself.” Suzie Lu is a beautiful girl and will keep you smiling! $300 adoption fee

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