Adoptable Doxie Mix Heidi

Adoptable Mix Heidi

Adoptable Doxie Mix Heidi is a sweet girl once she warms up to you. But this sweet dog has some issues which will require a dedicated owner who is able to put in the time needed to train her properly and help her overcome her quirks.

She’s easygoing in that she doesn’t bark excessively and is completely housebroken. She’s enjoying the use of a doggie door in her foster home. If it isn’t available, she goes to the door and lets you know she needs to go out. Her communication in this way is impressive! She’s plenty smart.

Heidi is really a well-behaved girl! She tolerates crate confinement when necessary VERY well. The foster home has not found it necessary to crate her at any time. She enjoys going out and coming back in for a treat.

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With some people, she is initially defensive and barks but with others, she snuggles and licks their faces! It’s important to read her cues and to be aware of which category YOU (or your future guests) fit into.

There are no signs of separation anxiety noted in her foster home but there are other dogs for company when no one is home. She tolerates being in a room by herself all night so well that it’s likely she would just wait for you to come home and not have an issue.

Adoptable Mix Heidi

With a strong prey drive, she has determined that cats are prey. Cats are not safe around her.

She seems to enjoy other dogs and tries to play with them regardless of their age. If they are not interested in play, she quickly moves on. Heidi hasn’t been in close contact with big dogs in her foster home but she does bark at them when encountered on a leash walk. If we had to predict what she would be like with big dogs, it’s likely that she would treat them just like small dogs provided they were not overly alpha in nature to give her reason to “pause”.

Heidi will wait her turn with a toy if another dog has it or she will play tug of war with them to get it (playfully, not aggressively). Food may be another issue. Dogs are fed separately at foster home but we suspect if another dog were to put his nose in her bowl, she would object.

Adoptable Mix Heidi

Adoptable Doxie Mix Heidi

This girl LOVES to be with you, so if you’re in the car…she would like to be as well. She travels in a crate in the car and listens fairly well if loose to stay in her seat and not bother you when you’re driving.

Heidi is reluctant to trust which makes her “shy” in nature. She also approaches new things and people with caution. She seems to take to women usually easier than men, but her preferences and those she views as threats can be unpredictable.

She is afraid of thunderstorms and will hide behind the furniture. We have not noticed anything else that makes her anxious with the exception of her initial caution in meeting new people.

Many dogs coming out of a shelter and past trauma need additional time, love, and patience to become confident in new surroundings and enjoy a stable way of life.

Heidi should not be trusted with small children. As a matter of fact, until she’s had extensive training, it’s important to pay attention to her around others in general. She’s had some experience with older children and the reports were positive.


Heidi enjoys leash walks, is in good shape, and healthy. She has a strong prey drive and will lunge on the leash to chase small animals. She will require a firm hand while leash walking.

She very much enjoys the outdoors – leash walks or roaming and running in a fenced-in yard. She enjoys being able to run in and out as she pleases. A fenced-in back yard is the strong preference for this girl!

She barks appropriately. Someone at the door, other dogs barking at something outside…does not bark for apparently no reason.

Heidi needs to be comfortable with you before you approach her. It is very important! People meeting Heidi for the first time should ignore her and let her come to them when she is ready. If she asks for attention from them, they can offer it but she is still not to be trusted after the first “friendly” encounter. She needs consistency with being trusting of new people before she can be counted on not to snap or bite them.

Heidi is very responsive to her name and gladly runs to you when she’s called. Although her front legs are unique, she has no problem going wherever she wants to go. Heidi has been spayed while in the care of Low Rider. She also had x-rays of her front legs as they appear deformed. X-rays revealed that all bones and joints are formed correctly and in the proper location, however, we were told she is just “that bow-legged”. It’s in the mixed breeding, but she’s not in pain. She walks and runs on the front legs normally. We were advised that because of her bowed legs, her weight should be maintained closely to prevent extra strain on the joints. A sedentary lifestyle would NOT serve her needs.

Heidi is a joy and a loving dog to both her foster mom and dad. However, she is a challenging dog to find a forever home due to her trust issues and overall demeanor.

A message from her foster mom:

I will do my best to give you the good and challenging parts of being Heidi’s forever family. Heidi was in the shelter no doubt due to not being given the time it would take to develop a relationship with her. In the shelter she was labeled a “fear biter”. However, by day 3 one of the shelter volunteers stated “This dog is amazing!”. All this is documented in her notes from the shelter. She is a GOOD dog!

~ M.K. Foster Mom

So what’s the issue? Well…for some reason she is apprehensive about new people. To make it worse…it is in a subtle way. If you can get a new person entering your home to ignore her and let her come to them when ready, in less than 15 minutes she will go to them seeking love and will accept it with a wagging tail and loving eyes. Ten minutes later (when they stand up) she will bark aggressively like they’re the enemy. Again, ignoring her is the key while her owners deliver appropriate commands.

She will require someone with a firm voice and understanding of discipline, but she is so eager to learn and to please! If you are willing to put the time in to work with her, she will reward you tenfold in the love you will receive.

~ M.K. Foster Mom

For this reason, she is also not the best dog to take with you when you go places because as she encounters new people, you can’t be sure what she will do. We don’t doubt that with the right discipline and training she could one day be a dog that you could take places and expect to act appropriately when greeted by strangers. Her are entirely solvable with a trainer and work.

She is a wonderful companion and we enjoy her very much.

~M.K. Foster Mom

She has energy and loves to play with you and other dogs. She plays fetch and totally enjoys the interaction. The desire in her to be loved and to be able to trust is clearly there. She is completely house trained and sleeps all night without a problem.

Her eyes look at you like every other loving dog you’ve ever known. The best part of all is that she is TRAINABLEshe wants to obey and please you. She will require a person willing to put in the time and effort to discipline her to the point that she has no question who is in charge—YOU. Owner-trainers are fine, but professional help will likely offer the best outcome and both a happy human and dog alike! While not required for adoption, a trainer is recommended.

A personal ad for Heidi might read something like:

Good dog seeking forever companionship of a single person or couple with plenty of time to play! If you are experienced in dog training and enjoy the reward of that work, possess plenty of patience, don’t have too many visitors, like going for walks, throwing the ball, and being absolutely adored – please apply! A fenced back yard is a PLUS . . . no cat people need apply!

~ Hopefully, Heidi

If you believe you could provide a safe and loving forever home for this dog, please fill out an application with the dogs’ name on it.

*Be advised, we have a couple of volunteers processing hundreds of applications. We are unable to call everyone back as we do not have ANY employees. Our dedicated volunteers and foster parents will check references of the applications that appear to be a good match. At that time, if you are chosen, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

The adoption fee helps to cover costs, as each dog is fully vetted, and treated, as needed to prepare them to move forward in their new life. You pay no fee unless you are chosen to adopt.

Dachshund Adoption:

  • Age: 2 years
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Purebred or Mix: Mix
  • Adoption Fee: $250