Adoptable Dog Pebbles – Adopted!

Adoptable Dog Pebbles

Adoptable dog Pebbles is 11 years old and the sweetest most laid back dog you could ever meet.  Nothing phases her.  She loves to be in the big bed snuggled under all the covers with you and will sleep all night. 

Pebbles is extremely affectionate and wants nothing more than to lay with you and enjoy being cuddled.  She gets on well with other dogs, cats and children. 

Unfortunately she is blind, but that does not stop her from getting around using her other senses.  She needs drops in her eyes four times a day so needs to be in a home that has the ability to be able to administer them. 

Pebbles is overweight but we are working on that, and otherwise she is healthy.  Pebbles is just looking for someone to love her and be her forever home.  She came from a breeder and is just looking for a quiet life.

If you’re looking for a companion who is soft and cuddly, and will love being by your side – sweet Pebbles could be the perfect dog for you!

Age: 11
Gender: Female
Purebred or Mix: Purebred
Adoption Fee: $150

If you are interested in adoptable dog Pebbles – please fill out an application. To learn more about Pebbles email Melissa:

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