Adoptable Dachshund Max Doodles – Pending

Adoptable dachshund Max Doodles is Pending Adoption. Doodles, as his foster mom has lovingly nicknamed him, is a 2-year-old looking for his forever home. Max is an alpha dog who enjoys the company of small dogs, but tends to ignore large ones, though he has been known to hang out with a female German Shepard.

Adoptable Dachshund Max Doodles

Adoptable Dachshund Max Doodles

Max Doodles is an adorable black and tan mini who had to go through eye surgery to remove his very painful, incurable left eye. He is otherwise completely healthy.

At only 14 pounds, Max is a little guy, but tolerates small children very well. As a matter of fact, his foster mom says she’s never seen a dachshund tolerate a toddler the way Max does! He’s good with kids of all ages.

Adoptable Dachshund Max Doodles

Although he can tend to get a bit excited and could use additional training, he walks well on a leash. Being a young fella, a little patience and teaching is in order. Because of his age, and the fact he’s a dachshund, a certain amount of curiosity while on walks is to be expected, but he handles himself very well and is happy on his adventures.

Max Doodles

Max may very well be drawn to spots on a rug where another dog has gone, BUT he is house-trained and does a great job going outside without issues. He is also crate-trained. He’ll crate without a problem and likes to go in with another dog friend. His previous owner crated him at night, but he much prefers to sleep in bed.

Even though he does fine in his dog bed, this sweetie has been loving the time spent sleeping with his foster parents. Max is a Velcro dog! He will use a dog bed during the day, but would much prefer to be on you than near you!

Adoptable Dachshund Max Doodles

While not food aggressive, he will growl over toys. He hasn’t been seen fighting over toys or food but he will neither relinquish food nor fight over it.

Max is a quiet dog for the most part. He stays where you put him. He’s been known to ride well in the backseat with another dog and was easy-going about it. He’s pretty happy-go-lucky in that way!

Max Doodles

While he’s done very well meeting new dogs, meeting new people is not his time to shine. It took him several hours to adjust and trust his fosters teenage daughter. Getting down on his level and offering treats did help. It isn’t known how well he would do with cats.

Max isn’t shy or timid. Aside from wanting to bark a little and hide behind someone he knows at first, he does really well. He doesn’t bark excessively. He will bark when the doorbell rings, but his foster mom uses squirt bottles to quell additional barking and Max has done great.

Max Doodles

Adorable and loving, this little lap sitter will steal your heart. House trained and wonderful with other dogs and kids, Max is very affectionate. He loves to play with his foster brother, Elroy, and resident dogs both large and small. He would prefer a home with another dog or perhaps a family to love him. Max Doodles is a loving Velcro dog who wants to be with you as much as possible.

2-year-old |Dachshund |14 pounds

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