The Indomitable Spirit of Bambi

Bundle of Personality - The Rescue of Bambi

Bambi is an adorable, tiny, bundle of personality! The rescue of Bambi is especially inspiring because this little dog possesses a character that is rare in humans as well as dogs. She has a true joy for life!

Her curious nature and zest for life shines through in her big bright eyes. You’d never know she’s had such a tough time.

Bundle of Personality - The Rescue of Bambi

Low Rider pulled her from a shelter when an employee there realized because of her condition, it wasn’t likely she’d be adopted. They didn’t want to see such a spirited, sweet dog be put down.

She was in bad shape. With skin issues, very little hair, mangled ears, and a mouthful of terribly rotten teeth, it was a sad situation. She had suffered neglect prior to being taken in by the shelter. Her nails were long and painful. But mostly, she was unable to walk or move her bowel unassisted.

Bundle of Personality - The Rescue of Bambi

From the moment we laid eyes on her, we knew she was a special little dog! There’s a certain look in the eye, an attitude if you will, that some special rescues take on. It’s more than a survivors instinct, more than a will to live – you see, Bambi possessed a desire to thrive!

The Indomitable Spirit of Bambi – Video

This sweetie seemed to know right away that she was in good hands. Although she had no reason to trust humans, and though she was in pain and in dire straits – this little girl has shown an indomitable spirit and a loving heart!

Bambi endured a lot of dental work, poking, and prodding. Then she underwent surgery on her spine. When given the clear, Bambi began therapy to try and help her walk again. She did a lot of hard work and though she’s still unable to walk, there were improvements in muscle control.

Bundle of Personality - The Rescue of Bambi

One of the most difficult aspects of the rehabilitation of Bambi is that it’s almost impossible to keep a good dog like her down! Even in the process of trying to heal, she could not be stopped from pulling her toys – one – at – a – time – from the basket. She would arrange them, and then with total determination, place them each – one – at – a – time – back into the basket. The best part is the absolute look of joy on her face as she undertakes her crucial task!

Bambi is now able to urinate and move her bowels on her own, however, without being able to get outside without assistance, she wears diapers and scoots on her rear end to get around. She also uses a wheeled cart at times. Little Bambi never lets it slow her down, but happily goes about her important dog tasks each day.

With her shining personality and her zest for life, Bambi is enjoying her new lease on life!


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