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Christmas Miracles – Emergency Fund

December 15, 2022 @ 8:00 am - January 31, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Christmas Miracles

Our Christmas Miracles – Emergency Fund was born of necessity! We’ve had several life-saving emergencies in the last few weeks and that is nothing too unusual  for Low Rider. Additional emergencies were not life-threatening, but still of the utmost importance in the lives of these dogs. When one of the Low Rider dogs is in need, we take action. It’s because of you that we are able to! Thank you!

You see, sometimes, if we wait to raise all the funds, the dogs who need saving right away, well, that just doesn’t happen. Within the past few weeks, among MANY other dogs, Low Rider has stepped up to take in several who were in need of emergency medical treatment.

Our Christmas Miracles Stories

Christmas Miracles

Teacup – Upon intake, was in critical condition for extreme anemia. Teacup underwent a couple of blood transfusions along with fluids, medication, and was admitted to the hospital. He is now recovering rapidly and doing very well with tender loving care and following the vet’s instructions. Without the immediate and decisive care that Teacup received, he would surely not be here. He was rescued in the (St.) NICK of time – a real Christmas Miracle! 

Christmas Miracles

Max – Speaking of Christmas Miracles, when Max came to us, he had a mouth full of bad teeth, one of which caused him to be so sick, his fever shot up to 105%. He was in danger of becoming septic and his quick thinking foster mom rushed him to the emergency vet. There he received needed IV fluids, and emergency medication to fight the severe infection and bring down his fever. Because his foster mommy is a vet tech, he was able to continue getting fluids and special meds at home instead of being admitted. After being on meds for several days and becoming stable, Max had 14 extractions to remove the infected teeth. He is recovering nicely and eating well! He woke up and licked his foster moms face. It was a little gross, but it was a Joyful Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Miracles

BJ – Presented sudden extreme lethargy and unusual behavior. He could barely hold his head up! He was throwing up and was unable to stand. His foster mom rushed him to the overnight emergency. They ran tests, including blood tests, and determined it was anaphylactic shock, most likely he had been bitten by something in the yard that evening. He was given the proper fluids to flush his system and medications, then released to his foster mom who watched him closely over the next few days to make sure he was on the road to recovery. BJ is doing very well and is back to his normal self. He is back to bouncing around and being silly! We love a Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Miracles

Cooper – Sweet and tiny, cooper is a wonderful senior dog who generally enjoys life. He suddenly began acting different than his usual self. Of course, his foster mom took notice and called us right away! She watched him overnight to see if it would pass, but Cooper continued to present as exhausted, and then became lethargic and started limping. His foster was able to get him in immediately and after x-rays, bloodwork, and exam, it was determined that something is going on with his hips. He may have inflammation and arthritis flaring up and making him feel lousy. So, he is being treated with a couple of different medications. This situation is still developing and we will know more as we find out if the meds help him feel better. We won’t let him suffer, but if we can help him continue a quality life, we will certainly do so – with your help. We’re hoping for Cooper’s Christmas Miracle.

Christmas Miracles

Lia – Lia came to Low Rider with a cough and congestion. Her foster got her in to see the vet right away. She was given antibiotics for two weeks to see if there was an infection. After the time passed, Lia continued to cough and was taken back in to the vet. They have taken her off the antibiotics and prescribed a diuretic and pain meds. She now has an appointment with a cardiologist to verify if she has fluid building around her heart. This is taking place immediately and is an evolving situation. We will be carefully making decisions and working with the vet and her foster to create a plan that is best for her. She will certainly be needing additional meds and we’re hoping the specialist will have a Christmas Miracle for Lia!

Christmas Miracles

Snickers – little bitty Snickers was covered with fleas and feeling really lousy. He came in with another dog that we weren’t expecting to take in, but although he isn’t a dachshund, we couldn’t walk away from him. Along with baths and TLC, Snickers specifically needed medical attention. It turns out that Snickers has stage 4 kidney disease. His foster mom administers subcutaneous fluids and gives daily medications to manage the disease. He will stay put where he is until he is not enjoying life or such time that the meds are no longer working to give him relief. This is a sacrifice on the part of his foster mom, who never hesitates to step in for a dog. Her heart is in it, and so it will hurt. We will provide needed backup and, because of good people like you, Low Rider is covering the medications. The Christmas Miracle here is that Snickers is now where he can receive the care he needs to remain comfortable and enjoy every day he has. He will not suffer any longer and is enjoying this Christmas season being spoiled rotten!

Christmas Miracles - Emergency Fundraiser

Emergency Fund

These are not nearly all the expenses we have incurred in the last few weeks, these are some of the pressing emergencies that have come our way. The expenses from Teacup, Max, BJ, and Cooper alone total $5368.43. This does not include the appointments or meds for Snickers or Lia.

Furthermore, we took in a total of 20 dogs in November and have already hit half of that number in the first part of December. We don’t believe the trend is going to stop any time soon. Each dog is vetted, receives bloodwork, vaccines, microchip, dental exam and cleaning if in terrible shape. They are spayed or neutered as needed. Many require medications for temporary illness or to help with an ongoing one.

Christmas Miracles Christmas Miracles Christmas Miracles

We are all volunteers. Foster homes are used to house the dogs. With very little overhead, most of every dollar goes directly to provide for and save the dogs. Won’t you please help?

Those who donate $50 or more become an official Low Rider Member! Don’t worry, you can give any amount you’d like. Everything counts when creating Christmas Miracles.

Christmas Miracles Christmas Miracles Christmas Miracles


Thank you, once again for your generosity and truly embracing the spirit of the holiday season. You’re helping to create Christmas Miracles – Merry Christmas! 




December 15, 2022 @ 8:00 am
January 31, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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