The Inspiring Story of Carrick

The Inspiring Story of Carrick isn’t an easy story as Carrick didn’t have an easy life. Before coming to Low Rider, he didn’t know love and care at all. As a matter of fact, this little guy spent much of his life locked in a shed. Rocks, dirt, and pebbles with whatever food he was given had destroyed his teeth and jaw.

The Inspiring Story of Carrick

This sweet little fella had every reason to give up, and certainly he had plenty to complain about. But that just isn’t his way! Carrick has a sparkle and shine that such horrible circumstances were unable to squash!

The Inspiring Story of Carrick

Carrick came to Low Rider is poor condition. Many people could learn a few things from the little guy. He never let the hard knocks life threw his way get him down. He’d suffered extreme neglect, and yet always kept that little sparkle in his eyes. He has now found a loving forever home. For the first time in his life, Carrick knows true comfort and love.

The Inspiring Story of Carrick

Pictures speak louder than words, in this case for sure.  Carrick had a hard life as he was locked in a shed for most of it. But despite it all, he is a real trooper and a joy to be around.  Sometimes, the dogs who’ve had the hardest time, are the sweetest dogs of all!

The Inspiring Story of Carrick

Low Rider was able to have him neutered and completely vetted and treated. Physically speaking, his lower jaw has deteriorated due to lack of care over the years and there is not a single tooth in his mouth.  However, he has a ferocious appetite and he actually eats dry kibble better than wet food.  He scoops up the kibble with his tongue where the wet food slides right off before he can get it near his throat.  

Carrick the Dachshund

He is not in any discomfort from his jaw condition and he does not slobber at all unless he is panting.  The only other physical condition we have found is some arthritis in his lower back.  Again, if you think that slows him down at all you would be wrong.  In fact he’s got quite the spring to his step and his tail is always wagging.

Watch the Video About Carrick

He is a clown and he doesn’t know it…he just goes about his day being “Carrick” and you can’t help but laugh at his antics.  He has an expression on his face almost constantly that seems to say “What’s up?”.  And he lets you hold him in your arms like a baby and rub his belly.

Carrick had enough hardship and neglect in his life that we were careful to choose a forever home for him that will provide love on almost a constant basis and companionship and care as priorities.  

Carrick is settled and happy in his forever home! His mommy loves him so much, she is giving him additional TLC by carrying him around in a sling. For a dog who didn’t know love and care, he sure is making up for lost time!

Carrick forever home

It does the soul good to see how happy he is. Knowing that he will live out his days understanding that he is safe, well-fed, and loved – well, this is why we do what we do! Happy Tales Carrick – we’re so glad to have you as a Low Rider Alumni!

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