A Second Chance for Hotdog

A second chance for Hotdog came along after he was hit by a car. He suffered grave injuries, but thankfully, his story didn’t end there. You see, he’s a young dog who was otherwise healthy. He just needed a second chance!

A Second Chance for Hotdog

A Second Chance for Hotdog

A good Samaritan helped to get him help and Low Rider was called in. As long as he received immediate emergency care, there was a good chance he would recover and go on to live a full life. We put out a call for help to our friends, family, and followers and you responded by donating funds for his medical care.

A Second Chance for Hotdog

If you follow Low Rider, you may remember him from Facebook. He underwent several surgeries and it was a tough road for this little fella. But guess what? With medical care (via donations made by folks who care) it wasn’t the end of the road for this sweetheart.

As you can imagine, Hotdog had a long recovery. But he is a fighter who wanted to live. His super hero foster mom took excellent care of him! He had a loving, safe environment where he was able to heal.

Along with the life-saving surgeries, Hotdog received all the medical care he needed to succeed. With time, and coaxing from his foster mom, he had to learn how to walk again training his left side.

You’ll notice in the picture that his hair began to grow back nicely where it was shaved for surgery. He truly is a precious little sweetheart of a dog who won the hearts of everyone who assisted in his rescue.

Without the support from Low Rider Rescue and the good people who donate time and/or money to the cause, it’s likely that he would not have been given this second chance at life!

He is an extremely lovable dachshund mix who is thriving. He is a lap dog, who soaks up love and cuddles for hours! Today, Hotdog is living happily ever after with his forever family! They were ready to love and care for him and give him the Happy Tails he deserves.


Giving Challenge

At Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida, we’re working hard every day. There are no paid employees, only volunteers, so every bit that is donated is put to use for the dogs! We use foster homes all over the state of Florida, which means there is little overhead. The money that comes in to Low Rider, is for the dogs.

With the Giving Challenge, your donation between $25 – $100 is matched! It’s an opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and help dogs like Hotdog.

The 2022 Giving Challenge is presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation.