Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida foster application – the lovely dogs we rescue, depend heavily on volunteers to foster dachshunds who are in limbo – waiting to find their forever home. We are contacted by shelters every day requesting we take into our rescue the dachshunds they consider “un-adoptable.” These dogs will NOT be adopted from the shelter because they are sick, injured, old or maybe even just frightened. Sometimes they are perfectly healthy and have been at the shelter long enough and are “running out of time” because the shelter needs to make room for incoming dogs. They need a safe and loving – temporary home . . . so that we can find their furever family!

Looking for the Foster Application to download and print? Go HERE

You only need to provide 3 things to give a dachshund in a shelter a second chance at life:

1. Safe Temporary Shelter     2. Food and Water     3. Love

If you can provide these simple things you can save a life! *EVERYTHING ELSE NECESSARY IS PROVIDED BY LOW RIDER DACHSHUND RESCUE* We cover the cost of all pre-approved necessary vetting & medications.

If you have a caring heart, and are willing to work with us, check out the information about Fostering a Dachshund HERE – then fill out the form below:

Foster Application

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Thank you for your interest in fostering a dachshund rescue dog. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Visit our Facebook Page Here, and our Instagram Page Here for pictures and information about some of our current rescue dogs. We often post updates and information.