Why Microchip Your Dog?

Why microchip your dog? Chipping matters and can reunite you with your pet, or even save the life of your dog. Additionally, it can save you and your dog from fear and anxiety that is easily preventable in the event they become lost.

Why Microchip Your Dog?


~ Source: Dr. Linda Lord, Ohio State University – October 14, 2009

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Watch the video to learn – why microchipping your dog is important – by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

What is a microchip? 

Contrary to popular belief, a microchip is not a tracking device. It’s a radio-frequency identification that has a unique identification number. They are only the size of a grain of rice. When a lost dog or cat is turned in to a vet or shelter, the microchip is scanned providing the ID number. The microchip is no worse than a vaccine and is also extremely important. It’s injected under the loose skin between your dog’s shoulder blades at the vets’ office. 

Even a microchip won’t do you any good until it’s registered with your updated contact information. Register it with a national pet recovery database.  Use a recovery service that has access to different microchip databases and technology. A service like AKC Reunite, for example, is a member of the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) LookUp. AKC Reunite has helped reunite over 500,000 pets with their owners.

Travel Safety

It’s important to make sure your microchip is in place and information is up to date before you travel.

Why Microchip Your Dog?

An International Health Certificate is required for pet travel internationally, and in most cases, a microchip is, too. If a microchip is required, the pet must have the microchip prior to starting the Health Certificate process. If you keep it updated, it won’t cause a rush when it comes time for travel.

Microchipping is an important part of the process for all dogs rescued with Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida. Each dog goes through a full vetting process. Needed medical care such as vaccines, dental treatments as needed, microchipping, medicine, spay and neuter, and even complicated surgeries are provided when the dog is in need and can be helped.

Our all-volunteer organization has little overhead other than the medical care for the dogs. That means your donation is used to make the MOST difference in the lives of these animals. Thank you for giving to Low Rider! And thank you for helping us spread the word and educate the public on these important matters.

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