Pixie Adoptable Dachshund Mix – Pending

Pixie Adoptable Dachshund Mix is pending adoption. She is just too much cuteness to handle! She is a 5 year old, 7-9 pound bundle of joy. 

Pixie Adoptable Dachshund Mix

A Message From Pixie’s Foster Mom

“Calling all fairies! Do you need a little Pixie in your life? Now accepting applications for my forever home. My name is Pixie and I leave a little sparkle wherever I go. I am a happy ball of energy. I spend my day cuddling while dreaming of squeak toys. I am a brave little girl who warns you when humans enter our home.

I will fill your home with endless laughter as I fly through the wind to catch balls. I love my family unconditionally. I will also protect you from bad dreams at night as I sleep beside you. Don’t worry about me while you are away during the day, just leave me some balls in my crate. I am a little sensitive to my tummy and tail, so please gently love me. I am a brave little girl and have almost conquered house training. My dream is to cast a magic spell on your heart. Do you have the key to my heart?”

Pixie Adoptable Dachshund Mix

Pixie Adoptable Dachshund Mix

Pixie likes other dogs, but not so much the felines. She’s done well with kids over the age of 12, and it’s unknown how she handles the younger children. 

This adorable little girl is working hard on her house training. It takes time and patience when they haven’t been trained. It’s a work in progress! However, she is crate trained, so that helps a great deal.

Pixie Adoptable Dachshund Mix

Pixie sleeps in a dog bed, but LOVES to sleep in bed with her foster parents. She’s fine either way, but surely does enjoy the cuddle time. She isn’t food aggressive, but she does really like to play with balls and squeaky toys. Often, you’ll find her with a ball in her mouth ready to play. She tends to growl a little if another dog goes near her “special toys” but hasn’t bitten anyone. This pup is definitely ball motivated!

She barks a bit upon meeting new people, but is not an excessive barker and did very well at a recent public event. She’s been friendly when meeting new dog friends. Pixie likes people and dogs equally well, likes to sit on your lap, is well behaved at the groomers, and comes when she is called! What more could you ask for in a little Pixie?

If you believe you can provide a safe and loving home for Pixie, fill out an application for no cost with Pixie’s name on it. We are training a team of volunteers to process all the new applications, please be patient.


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