Panda – Beautiful Dachshund Mix – Adopted

Panda – the beautiful dachshund mix is up for adoption. She is a 2.5 year old dog weighing 16.5 pounds with gorgeous black and white long hair.

Panda isn’t great around other dogs, and it’s unclear as to how she does with cats. We understand she used to live with a couple of cats, but are not certain.

She’s housetrained and sleeps in a dog bed. Panda also likes sleeping with her foster teenage pal. Panda can be toy and food aggressive and would also be protective of her person.

Panda – Beautiful Dachshund Mix

It has been noted that it takes Panda extra time and a little extra care to warm up to men. We’re unsure as to how or why this is, but it could be important. Of course, once she is comfortable, she really is a love. With most things regarding rescue dogs, it can take time and patience but is well worth it!

Panda shows some signs of anxiety and appears to be shy or timid, at least at first. She was accustomed to a quiet home, and then was placed in an extremely busy home with multiple dogs and children. She isn’t used to all the noise and activity. She became aggressive, as she was feeling protective and anxious. In her efforts to protect herself or her person, she has been known to bite. We don’t believe this is a permanent or regular occurrence, but situational.

The idea home for Panda is where she can love a single person, couple, or teen. She needs a fairly calm and quiet environment where she can relax and enjoy her people. The home shouldn’t have a lot of people coming and going, as this has been part of her issue with anxiety. Panda will adjust more easily without other dogs around. Her adopter should be patient and understanding as she will need time to adjust and know she is safe and in her forever home.

If you believe you can offer Panda the calm and nurturing environment she requires, please fill out an application with her name on it. There is no charge to apply. If you are chosen, you will hear from us by phone within a week or two (usually sooner) otherwise, keep an eye on other dogs as they come through and on your email. Please check your spam folder for our news on other dogs.