Meet Adoptable Dog Jax – Adopted

Meet adoptable dog Jax – he has recently been adopted. He’s is a fun loving energetic boy. Jax is very friendly and easy going. The veterinarian says he is 2 years old, but he thinks he is a puppy.

Meet Adoptable Dog Jax

Jax likes other dogs and enjoys interacting with them. As a matter of fact, he does best with other dogs around. This guy is plenty friendly when meeting new dog friends.

He needs to be able to run and play, so a fenced yard is on the wish list for this pup. His foster mom will be looking out for that option as a plus when looking for his forever home.

Meet Adoptable Dog Jax

Meet Adoptable Dog Jax – Details

He will need to learn manners and potty training. He is doing well on potty training with close supervision, but still needs to improve. Jax isn’t crate trained, but he walks like a champ on a leash.

Jax enjoys taking car rides, and meeting new people – and new dogs, as mentioned. It’s possible that he thinks he’s a person, now that he’s been sleeping in the bed with his foster parents. The attention is good for this lovable guy!

Overall, he is well behaved. The vet and groomer have no problems when he visits. He’s not too shy or timid and isn’t afraid of thunder or loud noises. There isn’t any excessive barking to contend with for this dog.

Jax doesn’t come when called, and isn’t particularly treat motivated – although, he does like to play with toys. He uses a dog door, and seems to learn fast enough. So, we believe he will get better with consistency and encouragement.

This fun loving pup is approximately 2 years old and weighs 16.2 pounds. He is a mix, and we happen to think, a very handsome guy! This sweet, smart boy jumped in an open car door at a gas station basically announcing, “please help me!” We aren’t informing him that he’s not a doxie. He’s officially considered as a “Dachshund Wanna-be” or an “Honorary Dachshund” – Jax needed a home and we just had to help!

If you think you can give this pretty (teen) puppy a proper home and some training (and you live in Florida) please fill out an application below. Your information will be processed and sent to the foster home for consideration. Our goal at all times is to find the best possible match for the dogs in our care. We do check references, and conduct home checks. Please be patient as volunteers work to process our many applications. Thank you!

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