Our frequently asked questions page is designed to help you learn more about Low Rider. We recommend that you check our Facebook page regularly for updates and information on these wonderful adoptable Low Rider dogs!

frequently asked questions
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Where are you located?

The simple answer is FLORIDA! We do not have a shelter building where the dogs are housed. Instead, we use a fabulous network of volunteers and foster homes across the state.

Can I meet a dog I’m interested in?

At this time, we are not able to host any meet and greets other than some special events. We do not maintain a shelter building.

  • Instead, we include as much information as possible about the dogs for adoption. If your application is chosen for a particular dog, we will discuss with you any further information you may need about the dog.
  • We check references and vets listed on your application IF you are chosen as a good match for the dog. Our goal is always to find the best possible fit for each dog. Our volunteers will drive to meet you or bring your new furry family member to you upon adoption, if needed.
  • We have built in a two week trial period for humans and dogs to be certain. We have a high success rate with these matches!

Do you have employees?

We are an all volunteer organization. Low Rider has a vast network of dachshund and dog lovers who transport dogs, foster dogs, deliver dogs to their new homes, complete home checks, process applications, send emails, take phone calls & texts from chosen adoptees . . . and everything else that goes along with running the rescue. We will do our very best to help you in a timely manner, as you can understand, our first priority must be the dogs.

Can I just call about my application?

Please see above! Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone available to man the phones. We are busy working as hard and as fast as we can on applications and taking care of dogs. If you are chosen for a dog, will be in touch. If not, you should begin receiving emails about new dogs. Hang in there!

Important to Understand

We are not a first come, first serve organization. We are seeking the best match for each dog.

How do I KNOW you received my application?

If you miss something on the application, the system will outline it in red. It will not submit properly until the required questions are filled in. ONCE that is DONE, and you hit the submit button – you will be automatically directed to a page titled “We Received Your Application” IF you do NOT land on the We Received Your Application page, then it was NOT completed properly and we will not have it in our system.

You will also find additional information on the We Received Your Application page to help manage expectations about the process. We know it’s hard to wait when you are anxious about getting a dog!

Why is it taking so long?

“I filled out an application over a week ago and still haven’t heard anything. Why is it taking so long?” – We understand! We’re working every single day to get the dogs to their forever homes. Our team of volunteers has hundreds of applications to process.

If you named a specific dog in your application and appear to be a good match, we have forwarded your information to the foster family. They know the dog best, ultimately they will choose. It’s a tough job when we have so many great people to process! Your references will be checked and any vets listed once you are chosen. You will get a phone call letting you know when you are chosen. If you are NOT chosen for the dog you want, you will get an email. Please check the email and spam folder for updates.

If you didn’t name a dog, we will keep your application so that when you see a dog you think is a good fit in our email, our Facebook page, or this website – notify us and we can quickly get your information to the foster family for further processing. Keep in mind, while we care about all of our applicants, we must prioritize the needs of the dogs above all else.


Is there more I can do after I send in my application?

We’re sorry it can be difficult. Our volunteers are processing hundreds of applications. Our biggest priority always has to be finding the best possible match for each dog. Currently, there are a lot of people looking to adopt at all the shelters and rescues around the state.

Unfortunately, once you have taken the time to fill out an application – making sure to offer as much information as possible, it becomes a waiting game. Some of our adopters have missed several dogs they applied for, before ever finding the right match.

Some are matched with their dog right away! Others wait weeks, even months. Stick with it, watch your email, check your spam. You’ll be receiving our newsletter with updates about the dogs and can respond to the emails. We truly care about you, but MUST prioritize the dogs!

Do you check references on everyone?

We check references on everyone whose application is chosen as a good match for a particular dog. Before anyone gets to the adoption and home check stage, the references have been checked. We don’t check them UNTIL you are chosen.

*If you have dogs that are not spayed or neutered (with no explanation) it isn’t likely that you’ll be chosen. If your dogs do not have up-to-date vaccines (we DO check the VET references) or if your references don’t check out or they don’t respond to our calls – then we will have to move to the next application. Please understand – we are working hard for the dogs in our care. We do home checks for our adoptions!

If your information is all in order – keep your chin up! We will be in touch and will add you to our email system. Those who stick it out, most often find their “meant to be” fur-baby. See below for more information . . . Also, you might consider volunteering as a foster family. Many of our team members found their forever dogs that way, and now continue helping others pass it on!

What happens if I don’t get the dog I applied for?

First of all, we’re sorry! Assuming that all your references checked out, and you are in the state of Florida, the simple answer is that we can only choose ONE good family for each dog. It’s not an easy job with so many terrific applicants! We do the very best job we can (in conjunction with the fosters – who know the dogs best) to pick the very best possible match for the dogs in our care.

Qualified applicants will be added to our special email list. You’ll get the heads-up on new dogs who are available for adoption before the general public. If you see a dog that appears to be a good fit in the email, on our Facebook page, or here on the website – contact us and we will immediately forward your application (already on hand) to the foster family. Ultimately, they make the decision as they know each dog best.

How do I volunteer for Low Rider?

We’re all volunteers here at Low Rider Dachshund Rescue Florida. We need foster families, drivers who can help get dogs to vet appointments, trained grant writers, fundraising helpers, organizing, and many other tasks that help keep things moving along. Learn more about volunteering HERE.

Current Growing Pains

Low Rider has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. As a matter of fact, we’ve grown so fast that our system is continually evolving. We are seeking and working to train and manage volunteers to help. Guess what? Our volunteer program is also in a state of growth and change. While we work to improve the system, we are diligently taking care of dogs and continually finding them forever homes. We aren’t perfect, but the hundreds of dogs who have been saved and those who continue to be, drive us, inspire us, and we press on. Thank you sincerely for your support and understanding.