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We’ll be updating this page regularly, as well as the Low Rider Blog. One of our most popular events is the Awesome Online Auction conducted in our Facebook Group HERE.

Events - Low Rider

Upcoming & Recent Events

January 5 – JDubs at JDogs in Sarasota – SUCCESS!

February 2 – Woofball Puppy Bowl at Dog Bar in St. Pete

February 8 – Bark in the Park

February 22 – Gulfport’s Get Rescued 4th Annual Derby

March 5 – Awesome Auctions Facebook Group

We’d love to have you join us at one (or all) of our events! Not only is it a terrific time when dachshund lovers get together, but the dogs benefit greatly. Attending a Low Rider sponsored event is a wonderful way to show your support.

*We often have adoptable and foster dogs with us on site, and we love introducing them. What we can’t do is same day adoptions. We have a tried and true system for adopting that is simple enough, yet ensures the dogs go to a home where both humans and dogs will live happily. There’s no big hoops to jump through, but it begins with the process of filling out an adoption form.

Get a jump on it here and fill out the form ahead of time!