Doxie Mix Lina Needs a Home – Adopted

Adopted – Doxie mix Lina needs a home where she can live happily ever after. She’s a sweet dog and only 4 years old. Her full name is actually Thumbelina! She rarely barks and when she does, it’s always because another dog started it. How’s a girl to resist?

Doxie Mix Lina Needs a Home

A friendly dog, Lina is the first one to greet new human or another dog. She does show some signs of separation anxiety, and will follow you all around the house. Although a bit nervous, she does well enough when she’s left with her foster sibling. We believe she’ll do best in an adult only home or with mature teens who are calm around her.

Lina likes to go for walks and rarely pulls on the lead. While she will not ask to go out yet, if you take her out regularly, she’ll do just fine.

She loves sleeping with her foster family, and curls up in a ball all night long. She also takes naps in her crate sometimes.

Lina is a joy, new family will be lucky to love her. She will return that love at 150% as she is the biggest cuddle bug. Lina is really an easy dog, she is just happy to be with her human!

If you believe sweet long legged, long bodied, pretty Lina is the dog for you, please fill out an application with her name on it. There’s no charge to apply, but you must live in Florida and we do check references and do a home check. If chosen, it is $200 to adopt her – fully vetted!

*Please be patient as our volunteers process hundreds of applications, we have no paid employees. We do have volunteers who can drive to deliver the dogs if needed – we operate all over Florida. Thank you!

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