Copper the Dachshund Mix – Adopted

Copper the dachshund mix pup is a one year old pretty boy who weighs 22 pounds. He loves to play with other dogs and has a submissive personality. He will assume a dog wants to play until they indicate otherwise, then he will back off.

Copper Dachshund Mix

Copper the Dachshund Mix

Although he has a sweet disposition, it is unknown as to how he reacts to cats. We do believe he will make a terrific family dog. While he has not been child tested, we believe he would love to play with children and people of any age. Should a child alarm him with some of their actions, he would most likely go away and avoid them rather than lashing out.

Copper is a good boy who enjoys walking on the leash. He needs some work to leash walk comfortably with you but he does enjoy the walks very much and is eager to learn. He’s a people pleaser!

Copper Dachshund Mix

It’s important that Copper be on a good schedule for continual potty training. He does recognize that he is supposed to go outside. He needs work on cueing you that he needs to go out. A schedule with frequent outings and positive reinforcement combined with a little bit of patience and time – should do the trick.

Copper is not being crated at this time as we don’t believe it would be in his best interest. We believe it is possible that he was kept in a crate too long in recent past. He is not destructive so he should be able to be confined to a small area when home alone.

A dog bed and sleeping time with fosters both encompass his current sleeping arrangements. Hungry for affection, and extremely lovable, he loves to sleep in bed with you and soaks up ANY interaction or attention from people. He’s a lover, not a fighter!

We have not experienced him behaving in any aggressive manner, even with food and toys. He waits his turn for treats with other dogs at his foster home. He is fed separately from others however, if he finished first, there is no doubt he would help himself to another dog’s meal! He’s a growing boy, after all.

Copper the Dachshund Mix

When meeting new people, Copper is friendly but cautious, he will watch for any sudden movements he does not understand. Again, he doesn’t show any signs of aggression in the situation, only optimistic caution. He isn’t particularly timid. His overwhelming desire to show love and affection seem to propel him forward toward friendship, once he has determined that the situation is safe to do so.

Copper does not like to be left alone, or for his person to leave the house without him, but he does settle after a while. We don’t consider him to have serious separation anxiety at this time, but the potential is there. We believe that once he has time to settle in his forever home and realizes that he is indeed home, he will feel more secure with some alone time. He may never like it (most of them don’t) but most likely, time will help him gain more of a secure and confident reaction.

We’ve not experienced any excessive barking with Copper. He barks appropriately and stops when instructed.

Copper is an energetic, fun loving, and playful dog with a pleasant disposition. He is just barely past the puppy stage and does very well at obeying considering that fact. Although we believe he was given little to no attention or instruction prior to coming to us, he is learning quickly. He is VERY trainable – but he will need to be worked with to be completely house trained and to become secure in his forever home.

Copper Dachshund Mix

Copper the Dachshund Mix will be a GREAT family dog with children and someone to hang out with most of the time. He loves to be on your lap and looks to be obedient and please you.

Copper has very long legs and we are not sure about his dachshund “status” at all but he was part of a hoarding case in which we took in several dogs. We wouldn’t turn him away, and we haven’t broken the news to him that he’s not officially a doxie. Keep that under your hat, please.

His ideal home is one where he has a family to love, exercise time, training time on the leash, and a fairly regular schedule – potty, food, exercise, family time. If you are looking for a puppy or a young dog to train and love for all your life, this boy is perfect!

Application Process

  • If you live anywhere in Florida and believe you can provide the right home for Copper, please fill out our adoption application and add his name to it.
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