Adoptable Dog Ava – Adopted

Adoptable Dog Ava

Adoptable dog Ava is a lovely, relatively laid-back gal that enjoys sunbathing and walking on a leash.  She plays with toys and chases her tail. She enjoys belly rubs and affection of any kind and prefers to be where her person is. 

Adoptable Ava

As far as her appearance, please understand that while she has the classic long body and short legs, she is mixed some larger breed.  She is in great shape as far as physique but she does not have the “refined” profile of a standard dachshund. 


She has a dominant personality and prefers to be the lead dog.  She does not care for larger dogs and that could be because she sees them as possibly dominant over her.  She prefers people over dogs.  She does tolerate her person offering affection to canine siblings but would probably prefer to be in a one on one relationship with you.  She would return challenge to any dog that challenged her first.  Ava has not been cat tested but I would not trust her around one.  I also would not trust her around children young enough to exhibit unpredictable behavior. 

While she is a loving dog, she will “protest” with a grumble and sometimes a curled lip when even her person tries to do something she doesn’t want (such as clean her ears).  She feels a strong need to voice her opinion in that regard, however, she is making progress with me and that behavior is decreasing.  I don’t want to overstate this trait because overall she is a very loving dog.  I get the sense that Ava was loved by one person which she bonded with very well and she is trying to adjust to not having that relationship (just my gut feeling of course, we never know for sure).

She is house trained, enters a crate at times of her own choice, and she knows how to use a dog door.  She can be food aggressive if dogs approach her bowl but she can share at treat time and take her turn with the other dogs.

She can be very lovable and someone has taught her to “sit up” for treats and she is very funny when she chases her tail.

Adoptable Dog Ava

If you think Ava is the right dog for you, please fill out an adoption application with her name on it.  If you have any further questions, you may reach her foster mom at