Adoptable Dachshund Sweetie – Pending

Adoptable dachshund Sweetie is a precious little blind and deaf girl who needs a home. She does a terrific job of getting around, but will need careful supervision and reassurance. Sweetie doesn’t let her lack of sight and hearing slow her down much but it’s important that her human is on alert to keep her safe. 

adoptable Dachshund Sweetie

Adoptable Dachshund Sweetie

This little dachshund is a beautiful piebald dog! She’s a tiny little thing weighing less than 10 pounds. Her coloring is a gorgeous white with mottled black and brown patches. The Vet believes her to be about 2 years old.

Adoptable Dachshund Sweetie

She was born blind and deaf due to irresponsible breeding practices that Low Rider does not support. We’ve seen it many times when dapple dachshunds are bred with dapple dachshunds. In these cases, there is always a good chance that at least one of the dogs will be born with these issues. 

Frequent, supervised potty breaks outside help keep her on track for that, but a pee pad is probably a good idea as a backup. It is important that she knows she is safe and that her trusted human is nearby, especially when outdoors.

Adoptable Dachshund Sweetie - special needs

This sweet girl was found wandering around as a stray and brought to a shelter where there was little hope of successfully finding her a new home, especially one equipped to meet her needs. Often, such dogs have to be put down because many of the shelters aren’t able to provide continued care. Time after time, kind and caring folks who tirelessly work in the shelters call us in to help. Fortunately, Low Rider is legally allowed to remove them, house them, and find them a forever home across the state of Florida. 


Sweetie is spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm free, and fully vetted. We will be searching for a new home where the owner is experienced in caring for special needs dachshunds. 

Sweetie and dogs

Sweetie doesn’t have a problem being around other dogs. But again, it is critical that her new family is by her side and ready to protect her. If there are other dogs around, someone who is adept at reading their body language and is ready to move quickly to intervene on her behalf if needed.

If you live in Florida, have experience with special need dogs,, and are prepared to go the distance for Sweetie, fill out an application with her name on it. There is no charge to apply. Adoption fee, if chosen, for young special needs dog is $150. Please understand that our team of volunteers is processing hundreds of applications. Watch your email and phone for responses. It takes time and our goal is ALWAYS to find the best possible match for each dog.

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